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Would You Date a Women Going Through Menopause?

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  • Would You Date a Women Going Through Menopause?

    Recently during my date the LW told me she was going through menopause. My immediate reaction to this revelation was to ask her if this had affected her desire to have sex haha. Incidentally the widow chick has been acting a lot fiestier since I voiced my 'concern' haha.

    Apparently I am still able to date younger women who are years away from going through this change and presumably are more hormonal and hornier. Until I metriculate to Geezer Bachelorhood I want to be with somebody who wants to have sex with me as often as possible.

    I don't know a lot about menopause other than the negative experience I had with my ex-wife who unfortunatley had her equipment removed at 40 ...and she didn't want to have sex any more (which in retrospect was a good thing for me....blech).

    Maybe I am being selfish or primitive here but I don't want to date menopausal women until/unless I have more info or absolutely have to. No offense to the many sexy menopausal women out there....I am just a bit ignorant on this subject and would appreciate any info. Thank you for your consideration.
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    This could turn out to be a really interesting thread. I have never dated a woman who was either going through or had gone through menopause. I'm not even sure what the symptoms and consequences of menopause are - to be honest. One of my ex-girlfriends had a hysterectomy roughly a year ago - and she has since grown a beard, and her knuckles are now pretty hairy - just kidding. Actually she looks the same to me ... and I have not asked her husband about her sex drive ... actually it would be fairly inappropriate for me to ask him about that (since I used to date her years ago).

    I've heard that symptoms of menopause include unspecified hormonal changes, ... diminished sex drive ... and dryness ... but that is all third-hand information for me.

    For the ladies here - would any of you be willing to comment on the symptoms or after-affects of menopause? We're not accusing you of going through it - just tell us what you've heard. [You are bound to have better information than us men on this subject.]


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      Sexuallity personality

      Originally posted by kjmudd View Post
      Until I metriculate to Geezer Bachelorhood I want to be with somebody who wants to have sex with me as often as possible.
      HAHA FUNNY but that is my stance as well! Peripherally aware of effects as stated in this thread.... have had a few time frames (starting back 14 years when my son was born) with 'flashing' and sleep interruption, but seem to have retained a sex drive which is Normal. (For me that means wanting to have sex as often as possible, as far back as I could remember!)

      That turned out to be a problem with the guy who dated for year and half who went into major deceased wife-missing mode. I kind of wonder if people have general sexuality personalities overall, and whether frame of mind, outlook on life, physical fitness and such don't play a part to maintain it. On a 'healthy' level of course. Think about it tho- KJ you said 'Blech' thinking back to relations with your Ex, so doesn't that say that either she was not into it anyhow or you were not a good match there?

      It seems that women go through hormonal shifts about every 10 years anyhow, so their periods, metabolisms (and sex drive?) may change drastically anyhow.

      As far as I understand there are therapies to use for post-menopausal sexuality issues, but there again attitude is the deal breaker for intimacy. I have heard before that Extreme Horniness can occur in pre-menopausal women, but for me that's pretty much always been a standard, so what do I know!

      I didn't hear any particular reason why LW CAN'T have sex so, personally wonder if she's not putting that out as an excuse. When is a healthy sex life a bad thing?
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        KJ- My last GF starting going through menopause a year into the relationship. She was 41, early right. Turns out it runs in the family, Mom and older sister started very early also. She is a highly sexual woman and that didn't change, dryness not a problem. She did start with the hot flashes, and the mood *****s were extreme. She was mooding already just not as extreme. Mom and sister recommeded hormone replacement which she did, and it did in fact help. I think A OK is correct when she says, if the woman's disposition is good, she will take menopause in stride, and it won't be a big deal. In my limited experience menopause would not be a deal breaker. In the end it all about the type of women she is, not the change she will go through in her life time.


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          Good discussion topic! In talking to my girlfriends (and later, my doctor), I've learned about perimenopause. It's like an "early notice" that the transition towards menopause is starting. Here's an analogy to Super Bowl Sunday =
          warm-up: big game :: perimenopause : menopause.

          So, even while dating a younger woman, symptoms of menopause could start to present themselves -- even if she is still in her 30s. For more info, check out:

          Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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