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Day After Amazing Sex - What a Great Day Feeling

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  • Day After Amazing Sex - What a Great Day Feeling

    So today is one of those days where I woke up thinking to myself "Wow - what an amazing day today is". And then I laugh ... because the only reason I would ever wake up feeling and thinking like that is because I had massive and amazing sex the night before. It must be some chemical or something in our brains that does that. Like a dopamine increase or something. I don't know - I am just going with it.

    I have not updated the board on my activities lately. I honestly have been way too busy. My current job is a monster in terms of travel, and in terms of leaving me very little free time. When I do have free time, I try to squeeze in a date or two - but I am viewed as Mr. MIA (missing in action) by women because I am just gone so much, or otherwise unavailable. And when I say "unavailable" I mean it is difficult on some days for me to call or text back in a timely manner. So women tend to lose interest.

    What was last night's activity? 30-year old Armenian Princess. An absolutely stunning-looking woman. Appears exceptionally high maintenance. I don't know if I can afford her. She drives a $100K car. This was my first experience with an Armenian woman - and all I can tell you is that she was a maniac in bed - which is what I had predicted. I also believe she is subject to some bad self-entitled behavior - based on some of the things she told me during the day, and at dinner. So it will surprise me if she is anything more than a fling - but that is fine.

    Today is such a great day - wooooo!!!

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    30-year old Armenian Princess came over again last night for Round 2. I am actually sore today. I am experiencing incredibly good fortune, currently. My bet is still that this fling does not last more than two weeks. In the mean time, I am in heaven!!!


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      Is she an actual Princess in real life? Or behaving like an American princess?

      Gregory, I know the feeling about the day after high! I've read the women get the high from one hormone and men get the high from another. I am currently sorting that out from some other information about a man I am dating. After a fun night with him, I catch myself thinking 'who cares if we are exclusive? I'm happy just the way things are!!' Later I think things over and go hmmmmm. Will try to get this into another thread....


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        Originally posted by A OK View Post
        Is she an actual Princess in real life? Or behaving like an American princess?
        No - the 30 year old Armenian Princess is not a real princess ... she just acts like one. Fairly self-entitled, or so it seems. Lot's of drama from her - she cried when her mom forgot to buy her dog food at Costco today. But she is just amazing in the sack. I cannot or will not stop fucking her until something causes this all to end. I just want to keep it going and going and going. This most certainly is the latest iteration of my midlife crisis, and I cannot possibly be more happy about it!!! Yes!!!

        I know that at some age soon, I no longer will be able to land women in their early 30s ... so I have to live in the moment and (you guessed it) ALWAYS GO FOR IT - yes!!!!!