This INTRO section gives you a high-level overview and introduction to the types of issues discussed in the rest of the Midlife Dating Advice section of  The purpose of this Midlife Dating Advice section is to enable us (the midlife bachelors and sometimes midlife bachelorettes) to share and leverage the midlife knowledge … so that together we can more easily maneuver our way through our individual midlife bachelor/bachelorette experiences.
Intro – Creating a Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Dating Success
Once you have the personal appearance and mental makeover issues under control, or at least on-track, the time is right for you to establish a midlife bachelor strategy for success in the dating world.  Successful companies pursue a well thought out business strategy in order to succeed and thrive in the marketplace.  America’s military defines a strategic and tactical plan for battlefield success when they are about to go to war.  The same is true for midlife bachelors – those who think through what their goals are, and what actions and milestones to undertake in order to achieve those goals will be the most successful.  This is true not just with respect to midlife bachelorhood, but for pretty much any aspect of your life, right?

To wind up with the type of woman you really want takes planning and effort.  It is sort of like fishing – say you really want to catch a nice healthy bass.  A well-thought out active bass fishing strategy might involve the use of a fast-moving shiny lure to troll across the surface.  However, if you pursue a passive planning strategy (not giving it much thought), and just put a worm on a hook and sink it to the bottom while you jones in a lawn chair drinking beer – you’re likely to bring in a bottom-feeder catfish.  I like this analogy because the dating world is full of bottom-feeders – and that may be what you wind up with unless you plan out a good strategy to attract the type of woman you really want.

The section entitled Develop a Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Success focuses on the specifics of establishing your own personal midlife bachelor strategy – and is every bit as important as your personal makeover.  I’ll give you a big picture midlife bachelor dating objective roadmap – which will help you see where you are at in the overall process, and show you where you are likely to be headed next, with some rough timeframes, etc.  I’ll discuss many micro-level details to get you thinking about how you can meet datable women … how and when to ask a woman out … what to do on a first date … and how to learn to enjoy the whole initially-uncomfortable process of dating.  I most certainly don’t have all the answers – but hopefully some of the things I tell you will at least help jumpstart your success as a midlife bachelor in the dating world.

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