This INTRO section gives you a high-level overview and introduction to the types of issues discussed in the rest of the Midlife Dating Advice section of  The purpose of this Midlife Dating Advice section is to enable us (the midlife bachelors and sometimes midlife bachelorettes) to share and leverage the midlife knowledge … so that together we can more easily maneuver our way through our individual midlife bachelor/bachelorette experiences.
Introduction to Updating Your Personal Appearance at Midlife
The personal revision I’m going to suggest to you in the section entitled, “The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover” really consists of both a physical and a mental makeover.  Everyone has to start with their personal appearance – which is essentially “ground zero”.  I will go into a lot of detail with respect to one’s physical personal appearance.  Ever heard the expression “the devil is in the details”?  That saying definitely applies to one’s appearance as a midlife bachelor.  I suppose that I personally take an especially careful look at the appearance of people, in general, in part because of what I do for a living (when I’m not working on this site).  I’m in sales management for a large company – and one of my functions is to train young salespeople.  Many of these young salespeople are not at first aware that the way they present themselves keenly affects how prospective customers are likely to engage them.  In other words, how one dresses along with their hygiene can certainly impact how seriously a prospective customer will take you.  Over the years that I’ve had this particular sales management job, I’ve become fairly quick at making observations and recommendations to the younger members of my staff – and this has certainly crossed over into my personal life, and influenced my opinions concerning how the details of one’s outward appearance can impact their success in the dating realm.

In the Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover section, I’m going to cover as many of the personal appearance basics as I can think of – the most obvious or common challenges that I’ve either had myself or seen on others around me.  In many cases, the need for a particular appearance improvement is obvious – like if you are a smoker with yellow teeth and a big beer belly.  Other items may be much more subtle, and you may not recognize them yourself … which is why I strongly encourage you to listen to your female friends.  For a midlife bachelor, female friends are a must-have – they can be one of the best resources for you … not only in terms of input, but also because you can possibly date your female friend’s friends!  Be advised, however, to choose your female friends wisely – as some of them do have the possibility of handing out bad advice (just like anyone else).

Your best bet is to listen to the female friends of yours that are similar to the type of woman you want to go for.  In other words, if you believe you are most attracted to mid-30s Latin women (like I am) – then listen to the input of your female friends in that demographic.  Now I discuss the notion of female friends throughout this site – but I do want to throw one warning out right away – DO NOT DATE YOUR CLOSEST FEMALE FRIENDS!  Don’t even consider it – as your closest female friends are a priceless resource that you cannot afford to lose … and dating has definitely been known to end many a long-term friendship!

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