I just had my second laser spider vein removal treatment performed.   My first such treatment took place roughly one month ago – and I wrote all about it, why it is done, etc. in my first midlife article on this subject entitled,

      Cosmetic Laser Treatment for that Midlife Face

which you can read about by clicking on the link above.   This time I re-titled this update article to more concisely reflect what was done … really for the benefit of the search engines out there.

The original nurse who performed my first treatment was not available – so this time I found myself with Nurse Tammy … who told me she had been doing this procedure for several years.  She said she likes to treat spider veins more aggressively than the other nurse … which was fine with me.  Maybe “more aggressive laser treatment” means I only need two total treatments versus the three the first nurse told me I would need?  I don’t know yet – I should be able to answer that question in about a week when the bruising goes away.   Anyway, Nurse Tammy was very impressive and confident – and so I just went with it.

Nurse Tammy first looked at the notes from my last treatment, and told me she would be using some different settings.  I believe she said that the aperture she was going to use would be wider – which means a larger treatment area would occur with each pulse of the laser.  I think she also said something about some of the other laser settings, but I’m not sure.  Since she was confident, I just went with what she was telling me.  [There is certainly an element of trust involved here.]

Nurse Tammy went to town on my face with that Candella Vbeam™ laser.  She was much faster than the original nurse – she worked at roughly twice the pace, and easily hit me with two to three times the number of laser blasts versus the original nurse.   Something smelled like it was burning – and I asked Tammy if that was my flesh on fire … and she said no, just some hair.   I told her with a smile that at this point, I am doing everything possible to PRESERVE HAIR on my head (since it is getting a little thin), and she said I’d be fine.

Tammy worked on me for about one hour total.  She even hit the spider veins that were visible just inside my nose, and also on my ear lobes.   [The nose and the earlobe laser bursts did definitely hurt – but they were over quickly.]  There were several times during the treatment when I asked her to please pause, as it did get just a little bit painful … but overall it was a really good experience.  I decided that Tammy was a much better practitioner than the original nurse, too.  She even gave me a grape candy when I was done because I had been good ;o)  The total fee for this second treatment was $250.  [The first treatment a month or so prior was $350.]

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