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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover

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4) Remain calm in dramatic situations.   Part of the notion of spreading good karma relies upon not throwing gasoline onto the fire of personal drama that you find yourself in the midst of.   There is nothing sexy about yelling or fighting – although sometimes both of those can make us feel better inside.  

We all find ourselves in dramatic situations from time to time.   There will always be women yelling at us.  There will always be random situations we encounter in the world which piss us off.  Many of us react by letting our adrenaline get the best of us – and lashing out verbally, or worse.   My point is – that blowing one’s top is not worth it … it never helps and only hurts any situation.   My advice is when you find yourself in the middle of drama, always be the bigger man and let it go.   Don’t react – just stay calm, and let the drama run its course.

Here is an example where I allowed the drama to get the best of me.   I was dating that nymphomaniac blonde named Becky who I was just intensely attracted to.   I took her and her 13-year old daughter to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for an afternoon of shopping.   As I was driving into this high-end mall, this bitch in a Mercedes ran a stop sign and came just inches from hitting my SUV.   Now I have to tell you that, in general, I am not the most tolerant of drivers when it comes to people doing stupid things that endanger my life and/or property.  [In other words, I am an angry driver who is somewhat prone to instances of road rage.]   Anyway – this woman barely missed me, and almost automatically, I blurted out something like, “You fucked up bitch” … and then I turned in her direction, and punched the throttle to chase her down.   Just as soon as I started this maneuver, the girls started screaming … and I immediately knew that I had seriously screwed up.   I stopped chasing the woman – actually I wasn’t really chasing her because this whole incident lasted maybe only five or six seconds.   Regardless, Becky was alarmed at my sudden volatility, and the teenagers were frightened of me.   The rest of the day, I paid a HUGE PRICE in terms of having to apologize to them, to back peddle through what I was doing, etc.   The whole incident was so brief – yet was so damaging to the relationship.    Had I just ignored the woman in the Mercedes, then the day would have gone perfect.  

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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover
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   Attitude Adjustment / Mental Makeover Rev 2.0
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         Makeover Message – Spread Good Karma
                Recognize the good in everything and everyone
                Not complain but rather find solutions
                Try to smile, and say something positive
                Remain calm in dramatic situations
                Don’t appear cheap
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         Learn from Others and from Yourself