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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover

     >> Attitude Adjustment / Mental Makeover Rev 2.0

          >> Avoid the Ruts ...

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Avoid the Ruts
As a midlife bachelor, you can easily fall into any one of a number of ruts … and as part of any attitude adjustment or mental makeover, it is critical that you are cognizant of the various ruts you can unintentionally fall into.   Especially at our midlife point, we are often set in our ways … and we tend to revert to old behaviors that we are accustomed to.  Often these behaviors represent easy choices – the path of least resistance.   For example, it is very easy to come home from work, and drink beer on the couch in front of the television every night.   But is that REALLY what you should be doing?  Probably not!   The beer drinking couch potato is an easy and superficial example of one rut that we can fall into.  Most ruts that midlife bachelors face are not so easily recognized … unless you are watching out for them.   I’ll cover two critical ruts that I’ve seen many midlife bachelors fall into – just in case they might apply to you.

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The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover
   Personal Appearance Rev 2.0 – look the part!
          Personal Hygiene 101
            Hygiene Challenges I've Seen
                Facial hair
                Facial complexion
                Finger nails and toe nails
                Overall cleanliness
                Cologne and deodorant
                Body hair
                Pubic hair
          Dress for Success – Fashion Ensemble 101
                New Clothes – Formal, Casual, or Somewhere in Between?
                Shoes, Socks, and Belt
          Fat and Happy?  What about Weight?
   Attitude Adjustment / Mental Makeover Rev 2.0
         Bad Karma / Good Karma
         Makeover Message – Spread Good Karma
                Recognize the good in everything and everyone
                Not complain but rather find solutions
                Try to smile, and say something positive
                Remain calm in dramatic situations
                Don’t appear cheap
         The Dangers of Insecurity
            Failure to look a woman in the eyes
            Constantly asking a woman out
            Calling too often
            Being too nosey
            Assuming too much about the status of a relationship
         Avoid the Ruts
                The No Date rut 
                The Wrong Girlfriend rut
         Know when to Talk and When to Listen
            Get her talking about what she is interested in
            Don't talk too much about yourself
         Learn from Others and from Yourself