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Her Filthy Mouth
By now you have an idea how vile this woman is.   Her mouth is what I will describe next – as it is an equal contributor to her overall filth.   Here are several examples of vile and disgusting things she has said to me or in my presence in the past:

She asked me how large my penis is.   I had been drinking beer with my friend for several hours when this vile woman showed up with fast food for the three of us.  As we sat there eating, this woman just simply asks at the dinner table how large my cock is.   Now I was buzzed – and so my initial response was to start with something like, “Well – I’ve never had any complaints or anything …” but then I stopped, and thought about it for a second … and then I lashed out at her with “What the fuck kind of question is that?”  I then went on to lecture her – but it had no effect … her response was something like “hey – I was just asking.”   Skank.

She talks openly about how large her boyfriend’s dick is.  Other times when I have been at my friend’s house (when she was there), during an otherwise normal conversation she has launched into a discussion about how large my friend’s cock is.   And each time, I respond with something like, “I don’t want to hear this” or “I don’t care” or “Why are we discussing this?”  JEEZ.   She looks at me like maybe there is something wrong with me for not wanting to hear this.  No – there is nothing wrong with me, I just don’t care to visualize another man’s penis.  YUCK!

She has told me several times that she would leave my friend for me if I asked her to.  This is perhaps the most vile and disgusting crime of hers.  She has told me this crap when my friend was in the bathroom.  My responses were to the effect of “I would never do that – you are out of your fucking mind.”  The second time she said this to me, I told her she had better not EVER say that to me again.  JEEZ.

How She Lives Her Life
By now you have an excellent idea of why I pass such judgment upon this woman.  Let me throw out some more data for you to consider.  We already know that she met my friend in a threesome with him and her husband.   Now it is two years later – and she is still married to her husband, yet lives with my friend.  I don’t know if they still do the guy-guy-girl threesome thing – I don’t want to know, and I don’t want to even think such thoughts.   I do know that one of her female friends has a brother who got out of state prison several months ago … and that this ex-con somehow found his way over to my friend’s house.  The next thing I hear is that my friend’s vile girlfriend rented a motel room with the ex-con for a day … and when asked about it, she said that they were tired, and needed a place to crash.   RIGHT!  I did not ask any further questions when I heard about this because I didn’t want to hear any details – plus I believe the expression on my face spoke volumes.

Earlier I mentioned that this woman AND HER TWO CHILDREN moved in with my friend several years ago.  Let’s now briefly explore the parenting aspect of this overall landscape.   She has a ten-year old boy, and a sixteen year old girl … who see and hear everything I’ve mentioned in this article, plus god knows what else.   What kind of role model is this vile woman for these children?  Being a poor role model is, by far, this woman’s worst accomplishment … in my mind, it is what cements labels such as “skank”, “white trash”, “vile”, and “disgusting” upon her.

You very likely agree with my assessment of this woman – but you wonder why I am friends with this woman’s boyfriend.   Maybe I’ll write another article on that concept, but let me at least say that I’ve been good friends with this guy (and many others) since I was a small child.  And even though we have each grown up to live quite different lives with different sets of values, we still remain friends.  He thinks I am “stuffy” and “prudish” – and I’m fine with those labels (coming from him, that is).

The woman described in this article is unique – she does not really fit into any of the Types of Women that I describe in Fundamental Truths about Women and Dating Today. Or maybe she does fit into some of those categories – but I am just not seeing it because I am blinded by her filth!

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