New Girlfriend Too Hairy Down There

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I am 45, and my new girlfriend is 46 – we started dating about a week and a half ago, and we’ve been intimate twice. She is very hot and nice and smart and charming, but there’s just this one thing that I’m having trouble getting past – she is too hairy down there. And I’m not really sure how to tell her without offending her or upsetting her. I really don’t want to chase her off, and I don’t think I’m being really picky. Her hair down there is like an inch long. Does that seem strange to you? I’ve been with many other women in my life, and none have ever had this issue. She is a Latina if that makes any difference. How can


I get her to trim it? What magic words do you recommend? What would YOU do? Rod

MIDLIFE BACHELOR ANSWER:  Thanks for writing in, Rod. [And if that is not your real name, then I’m seriously LOL]  Anyway – I cannot say that I, personally, have ever run into a woman who was that hairy down there … and no, I absolutely do not think that you are being too picky. An inch of hair down there is a lot of hair. Maybe there are men out there who like that kind of thing, but not me … and no one that I know would find hair like that sexy. I find it fairly disgusting, and a major turn off – to be honest. But you say she is HOT, and obviously she has many qualities that make her very attractive to you … so your best bet is to try to fix this situation in a hurry.

If it were me (instead of you) going through this, I probably would have just said (with a big smile) to her that second time of being intimate, and right when you’ve pulled her panties down, “We’re gonna have to shave you right now” … and then I would immediately have grabbed some electric clippers, and gone to work. And if she were to stop you, or get a little mouthy, I’d just tell her that this will be fun … and to relax. If you find yourself getting some resistance, then tell her you are gonna shave yourself after you get done with her. Remember to keep things positive at all times … preserve her self esteem during this whole process, otherwise you are going to hurt her feelings and/or upset her. You might even get your ass kicked.

Now if your personality is such that you don’t think you can get away with trying what I just suggested, you could always get her a gift certificate for a Brazilian wax at a local salon. Make sure to throw in a facial, too. If this is the route you go, then don’t tell her she’s too hairy – just tell her that you want to do something really nice for her that you both can enjoy.

One other piece of advice is – if you find that you cannot remedy this issue in a very short time, then I’d suggest dropping her. If you are like most of us – once something bugs us, it just festers and takes on a life of its own. In other words, if she won’t take care of this – then I don’t think it will bother you less two or three months from now … it will just bother you more. It is kind of a personal hygiene issue, if you ask me … and usually issues like that are not isolated … which means you may discover other issues. Good luck to you, Sir.

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