Reaching Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium

Midlife bachelorhood is an incredible journey – filled with highs and lows, and learning experiences.   There are definitely times and situations where one absolutely hates life … yet there are other times when life seems so grand.   Many variables have changed since our youth, and more things will change as we continue to grow older.   The best we can possibly hope for as midlife bachelors is the ability to recognize the changes that are required, and adapt to them in ways which enable us to grow as people, and also make us happy.

The concept of midlife bachelor equilibrium revolves around being comfortable with yourself and your life regardless of your specific situation.   Various sections of this website have addressed a lot of issues that midlife bachelors (especially brand-new midlife bachelors) are typically uncomfortable or unfamiliar with … such as the total landscape of datable women out there, how to fix yourself up physically and mentally, the mechanics of dating, dating for the short-term and long-term, mistakes or missteps that guys like us typically make, etc.  In the context of dating, midlife bachelor equilibrium refers to your personal recognition and acceptance that the challenges of midlife dating are a normal process that every one of us goes through, and that you are happy or at-peace with where you are at in this personal journey.

Independent of dating and women, midlife bachelor equilibrium includes your acknowledgement and embrace of symptoms of you reaching midlife … such as the midlife crisis.  In other words, equilibrium is essentially happiness with yourself – and so as you age, you recognize that various new material or non-material things make you happy … so proceed with those changes, and enjoy them – whatever they are.   Instead of a midlife crisis, your midlife changes might just be a challenge – such as the medical horror of E.D. (erectile dysfunction).   In this case, equilibrium can be reached as you learn to understand your unique issues which cause this condition … and as you pursue the treatment options best suited to you as an individual.  Midlife bachelor equilibrium is all about taking on life’s changes and challenges, and turning it all into a positive and successful personal growth experience.

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