Ever wondered how you might go about dating a rich man or woman? Have you ever considered what you need to do in order to meet a rich man or woman to date? If dating someone wealthy is your goal, then keep reading for some pointers.

First of all, how do you put yourself out there in order to meet someone wealthy? There are three quick ways to do this:

1) Use a dating website that specifically caters to the wealthy, such as

2) Use a local high-end dating service – there are some in LA, for example, that

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charge $20,000 to participate.

3) Hang around places where wealthy people congregate. This could be a fancy nightclub, but you’re more likely to do better at a country club, or top-end restaurant, or similar.

I’ll elaborate briefly on the above. First – I’ll discuss the dating website This particular website allows anyone to join, but gives exclusive privileges and designations to those with incomes above $150,000 per year. To become a “certified millionaire” on this site, you have to be able to prove your previous year’s income at one of several levels, such as $150,000, $200,000, $500,000, $1M, $5M, etc. If you pay for a Gold Membership, then you can send/receive emails to everyone – millionaires and non-millionaires. The whole idea behind this site is to give people with very high incomes increased exposure to and access by Gold Members … who can search by location/zip code proximity, as well as by income level. At $70 per month (or $135 for 3 months) for a Gold Membership, it is not inexpensive – but you do get exactly what you pay for. There are several millionaire dating websites out there, but only endorses

UPDATE – based on your feedback, I published a follow-up article to this one which goes into more detail on how to significantly increase your chances of meeting someone wealthy on millionairematch.  The new article is called,

How to Meet a Wealthy Man or Woman on

… so definitely give it a look.

Another way you can meet the rich for dating is to use a local very high end introductory service. There are several of these in the Los Angeles area, and I’ve heard they charge $20,000 in order to participate. This very high initiation price prevents all but the seriously wealthy from joining, and so screening is therefore built-in to the process. I have exactly one friend who tried one of these services roughly two years ago, and he did meet and date a handful of very wealthy women – one was the daughter of the CEO of large corporation, another woman was the president of a local company … so these services do definitely work. I’m not in a position to endorse any of them at this time – so be sure to do your homework before you part with the very high introductory participation fee.

You can also try to meet a wealthy man or woman the old fashioned way – by placing yourself in a location where wealthy people congregate. You could try some of the very high-end bars or nightclubs, but I doubt that will land you in a successful relationship (you might get a good one-night stand out of it though). Instead I suggest going to brunch at a high-end country club or hotel … or shopping (or possibly working at) one of the local very high end stores. For example, if you go to Sunday brunch at a Ritz Carlton hotel (or Four Seasons, or similar), then you are going to find yourself surrounded by upper income people. Now I’m not saying you have to go to brunch to meet the wealthy – that is just one example. The wealthy of your own community will likely be seen at specific locations – country clubs, hotels, stores, certain restaurants, etc. – it is up to YOU to figure out which of these are the best places to meet someone, and then you have to physically get yourself into those locations.

One other word about the wealthy – not all wealthy individuals look rich. Often those people with the most “flash” are the ones who have the most debt – and are not actually rich … they are just simply “players” who want to look the part. I know a number of very wealthy people (men and women), and most of them drive only slightly expensive cars … they dress conservatively … and you’d never know they are wealthy unless you saw how many shares of stock they own, or what their annual income is, etc. My point is – don’t be deceived by appearances. Many wealthy people got that way by being disciplined with their money. And many of those same wealthy people are not flashy or arrogant. The wealthiest people I know will tell you that “ego is unattractive” – so keep that in mind.

How should you act around the wealthy? How can you best ensure that you do get a date with one of these wealthy people? The answer is simple – be genuine, and be yourself. If you are a gold-digger, then he or she will figure that out right away, and you’ll be history. Keep your expectations low, your hopes high, and don’t rush into anything … which is great advice for any new relationship. Good luck!

Remember to check out our follow-up article to this one which goes into more detail on how to significantly increase your chances of meeting someone wealthy on millionairematch. The new article is called,

How to Meet a Wealthy Man or Woman on

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