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What’s After the Digital Rectal Exam?
So I am forty-two years old right now, and I just recently had my fourth annual DRE.  Because I also had some blood in my stool (which I mentioned to my doctor during my most recent annual physical), he decided to do a sigmoidoscopy on me.   The sigmoidoscopy is fairly invasive – it involves inserting a medical instrument into your ass.  This instrument has a camera on the end of it – and the doctor literally looks around inside your colon for any abnormalities.   In my case, he was looking for hemorrhoids, polyps, or signs of any other colon-related disease – fortunately he found none.   Turns out that the blood in my stool was caused by an internal hemorrhoid that had ruptured – which is fairly common.   If you do experience any anal bleeding, definitely get checked out right away.   I’ve had hemorrhoids off and on for many years, so I was reasonably sure that the bright red blood in the toilet was the rupture of a hemorrhoid, but you cannot take any chances.   If you experience blood in the toilet, don’t be alarmed – just get checked … it is the safest thing to do for yourself and your health.

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