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Facial hair – what about a mustache, beard, goatee, etc.?  I’ve got to tell you – the biggest single improvement to my own face was shaving off the 1980s-style mustache I had.   [I did this back in 1998 when I was age 34.]    Some of us fall into the trap of keeping some remnant of style that once (maybe) looked good on us at some point in the past … but times and styles change, and so we as midlife bachelors need to be sure that our looks are updated to what is current.   You wouldn’t install shag carpet in your home today would you?  [Shag was popular in the 1970s.]   You would not tell your hairdresser that you want a mullet-cut, would you?  [God – I hope not.]   You would not wear a polyester suit (again, popular in the 1970s), right?   Well neither should you stick with facial hair that is out of date!   If you have no facial hair, then you are fine as you are.   If you do have a mustache or beard or goatee – ask a female friend or your hairdresser what they think.   Get multiple opinions, if necessary.   Mustaches are the most suspect here – especially thick or odd-style mustaches.   Beards – not sure … depends on your overall appearance, and possibly your religion.   Goatees make you look like a bad boy – maybe this is you, maybe not.   [Goatees usually belong on younger guys, as a rule – but maybe it will work for you.]  Again – get female opinions … and then go democratic with the majority.

Facial complexion – having covered teeth, breath, hair, and facial hair … the last remaining topic for a midlife bachelor’s head has to do with his complexion … the visible skin on one’s face or neck, etc.   I’ll be brief and direct here – if you have a complexion problem, go see a dermatologist and get it under control.  If you have a zit farm (like Tom – the young salesman I wrote about earlier), you need to get that taken care of as soon as possible because a pussy pizza-like mess is not attractive.   Skin care for men our age is not rocket science – you do not have to sit in a salon or spa every week.   Usually just washing your face, and keeping one’s pores clean is all that is necessary.   I, for example, don’t do anything special except wash my face in the shower every morning (with a moisturizing soap), and my resulting complexion has no challenges, in particular.

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