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Hair – hair can represent a special challenge for us midlife bachelors … as some of us have either already lost it, or are in the process of losing it!   My own hair is currently thinning out – so I am becoming what some call a “brother of the skin” … which means visible skin on my head is increasing.   Losing one’s hair can be devastating to a guy’s ego – but that is not the main point of this section.  My main point is – make whatever you’ve got look great at all times.  If you are not sure how you should wear your hair (or what’s left of it), then seek out the opinion of a good female friend – or your hairdresser.   I remember telling my hairdresser that I wanted a haircut that would get me laid … a haircut that tells the world, “I’m ready for action.”   We would laugh about this because there is no such magic haircut – but at least I knew I was getting a cut that she thought looked good.

I cannot tell you how to wear your hair – that’s up to you and your hairdresser.   Just keep in mind that your haircut makes a statement about you to the world.   Recall the earlier story about my friend, Mike – who until fairly recently had long, shoulder-length scraggly hair … which gave him kind of a white trash type of look.    Mike’s older long haircut (plus the way he dressed) told the world – “I like to smoke weed and party” … which significantly reduced the total potential pool of women who would be interested in dating him.   With his new short, business-style haircut – Mike looks like a normal semi-professional guy … and now women who see him around don’t automatically think he is a stoner.  In other words, with the shorter haircut, Mike increased his overall date-ability potential.

What about hair color?  Is grey hair sexy?   Or should you dye your hair?  That is another tough question for me to answer – you should ask a female friend that you trust, or your hairdresser.   Some guys look great with grey hair.  Others look good with a touch of grey.   It all depends on the rest of your overall appearance.   Don’t be afraid to dye your hair if that is what your female friends and/or your hairdresser tell you.   I’d be careful about picking the actual color though – something that matches your original color is usually the least risky.   If you do dye your hair, you probably want to consider matching your facial hair with it – your eyebrows, mustache, beard, goatee, etc.  [I’ll come back to the idea of facial hair shortly.]

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