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Finger nails and toe nails.  At this point, we’ve pretty much covered from the neck up.  Now we are going to work our way down and around the rest of you.   Let’s start with the finger nails and toe nails.  This is really easy – just keep them trimmed short, and make sure they are clean.   You need not go in for a manicure or pedicure (although you might consider this if you have really unhealthy or unkempt nails).   Women do not want to be scratched by your finger nails or toe nails – that is a major turn off for them … so be sure you trim your nails regularly to keep them short.    This is basic hygiene – but a reminder never hurts.

Overall cleanliness – this is really important, just as critical as anything anywhere in this section.   You want to BE CLEAN at all times.   You want to shower before you go out so that you don’t smell like a pig pen.   If you go to the gym, shower immediately afterward.   If you have a job that gets you especially dirty (such as a painter, a mechanic, or maybe a landscaper), then be sure that you have a means of getting yourself clean.   No woman wants to date a guy who has paint or grease on his hands or arms!   Use whatever cleaning solution or solvent is safe – and then wash up using some kind of moisturizing soap (so that you skin doesn’t have an alligator-style texture to it).   Just be clean when you are not working – that is my point.

What about cologne and deodorant?   My advice – yes, but be careful.   Cheap cologne or after shave will easily drive women away from you.   I’m not suggesting that you spend $100 on the most expensive cologne – but I am saying that you choose your cologne wisely … ideally with the help of a female friend whose opinion you trust.   Also be careful about HOW MUCH cologne or after shave you apply.   If you use too much, you might make a woman woozy.   You don’t want her to be able to smell it unless she is right up in your face.    Also be careful about which deodorant you wear.   I always use the non-scented kind – as I don’t want to smell like any type of deodorant!   My whole point here in discussing cologne and deodorant is to make you mindful of the scents of these items – as they can easily enhance or significantly detract from your overall appeal to a potential date or lover.

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