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Hygiene Recommendations for the Midlife Bachelor
Okay – you have the background.  You understand why hygiene is important.   You know it applies to you.   Here it is:

Teeth – if your teeth are jacked up in any way, get those fixed first.   If they are yellow, get them bleached or whitened professionally.  If you have missing teeth, get them replaced.   If your teeth are crooked, get yourself to an orthodontist ASAP (since braces can take quite some time to move your teeth into perfect locations).   If you have no teeth, get implants.   Just get whatever problem you have with your teeth taken care of – and make this your absolute top priority because NO WOMAN WANTS TO KISS A GUY WITH JACKED UP TEETH.   Bad teeth are just nasty.   Call 1-800-DENTIST if you don’t have a dentist.   If your teeth are really bad, then call 911 and tell them you have dental emergency!   Whatever you do – get those chompers looking perfect as soon as possible!

Once you have perfect teeth – remember to brush them at least twice a day, and also to floss.   [If you do not floss, then food will remain in between your teeth – and as that trapped food slowly decays, you will get bad breath.]  Daily dental hygiene needs to be part of your regimen.   Don’t neglect your teeth – otherwise you will have bad breath, get cavities, blah, blah, blah.   Use mouthwash.  If you are prone to bad breath, use gum or drops or those little Listerine breath squares, or whatever it takes to keep that breath of yours fresh and appealing.    Visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning and cavity check.  All of these mouth-maintenance suggestions really are THAT important – if you want a woman to want to kiss you.

Oh – one other thing … smoking.   Don’t do it!   Smoking not only is a very nasty and unhealthy habit – it also makes you and especially your mouth reek badly.   If you believe since you only smoke a little bit that this does not apply to you – then think again because you do reek!   Nothing is more unappetizing to a woman than the stale smell of smoke on a guy.   [The same is true for women – I HATE the smell of smoke on a woman … makes me uninterested in a single heartbeat.]   You might get the smell of smoke off of the outside of your body by showering – but you cannot get that rancid smell out of your breath … it will always be there.    You won’t be able to hide it – so just don’t smoke!   I know – quitting is very hard.   I used to smoke – so I do understand.   There are many different ways to quit – the prescription drug Zyban worked well for me.   Commit yourself to ending your slavery to a chemical (nicotine), and you will find a method that works for you.

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