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No matter how you meet that new hot someone, the very first date is always the most challenging.  Many of us believe that first dates suck – here are the reasons I came up with as to why:

  1. You usually don’t get laid
  2. You have to keep the conversation moving
  3. You have to be entertaining
  4. Watch out for landmines
  5. You may have to meet the family

1) Everyone is on their best behavior
This is SO TRUE!  You seldom find out what problems this new person has on the first date – they are certainly not going to tell you.   Keep your eyes open for subtle clues though!

2) You have to plan the date
Maybe it’s just me, but when I first start dating a woman, I like to have a plan.  I make dinner reservations, and then I think through where else we will be going – and either disclose it to her in advance, or make the options I’ve come up with appear spontaneous.  [This level of planning seldom happens after they are a full-time girlfriend.]

3) You have to impress her
This is sort of a guy-thing, I think.  We usually dress ourselves up a bit better than we might normally … we might spend more time getting ready, etc.  We might even wash our car, and/or clean all of the trash out of the car.   We might take her to a super-nice place … when we would have preferred the dive bar down the street.

4) Uncertainty
This is what sucks the most about any first date.  You just never know if she is going to say or do something that you will find unattractive – or if it will be you that turns her off.  You don’t know how the date will go … you don’t know what is coming next.   Sometimes you get lucky, but that is only SOMETIMES.

5) The unexpected
Women have always surprised me.  I have had women who I thought were stuffy take off their tops the moment things heated up.  Conversely, I’ve also dated women who turned out to be so messed up in the head that they couldn’t get through a meal without making a scene.  You just never know what is coming – especially when it is someone new … that you don’t know … on a first date. If you have not reviewed The 14 Types of Women here, you might want to check it out so you will know what clues to look for.      Continued on next page >>>

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