When NOT to Send a Woman Flowers
Just as you must know WHEN to send a woman flowers, it is equally important to know WHEN NOT to send a woman flowers.  If you want to know when it is appropriate to send flowers, check out our other article entitled, When To Send a Woman Flowers.  This article here is where we cover WHEN NOT TO.  Here you go …

1.  Don’t send a woman flowers during a breakup.  Don’t throw good money after something bad.  Flowers won’t save a relationship.  The only possible exception might be if the breakup is being caused by one of you moving away (like for a new job or similar).  Otherwise you risk being viewed as PATHETIC for sending flowers to a woman who wants nothing to do with you.  Keep your self-respect – and your cash!

2.  Don’t send a woman flowers simply to impress her – as it sets a very bad precedent.  One of my buddies just loves to spend big on new women he goes out with.  He sends them flowers … takes them out on limo rides for their dates … and he is not super-rich mind you … he makes maybe $100K/year.  Anyway – these women come to expect a lot of flash and cash from him … and although he seems to haul in some pretty cute women, none of them stay around very long because it is all just a show.  My advice – send flowers for a specific reason only … not simply to impress her.  Unless you have money to burn, of course!

3.  Don’t ever send a woman flowers just for the hell of it – she must EARN those flowers.  I have taken some heat from several of my female friends over this point-of-view but for me it just makes the most sense.  The woman must be contributing something to you and the relationship for you to send her flowers … as one-way relationships are bad for the “giver”.  Don’t be that one-way “giver” … best instead to give AND receive … and in that case it is fine to send her flowers just because you love her.  If you send flowers too often then it can marginalize their effect.

4.  Never send flowers if SHE has misbehaved – you don’t ever want to reward bad behavior.  I cannot emphasize this point enough.  If she is being bad … like cheating … or doing anything destructive to the relationship … then do not reward that bad behavior with flowers or jewelry or anything … because it sends the wrong message, and will ultimately make you feel bad about yourself.  Better to save your money!

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