WOMAN OF THE MONTH – JANUARY 2009 Courtney Friel

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Courtney Friel, of Fox News, has been selected as the midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for January 2009!

UPDATE – JANUARY 1, 2012 – we in the Los Angeles area are pleased to now have Courtney Friel as the local entertainment reporter for Fox 11 News in Los Angeles.  We actually noticed her doing some of the Hollywood-based local entertainment reports last month, and wanted to let the world know that she now belongs to us here in LA!  Welcome Courtney!

Courtney is hot hot hot – way too hot, in fact, to be limited to news network entertainment reporting.  I’m thinking she will eventually land as an entertainment anchor on a show like Entertainment Tonight or similar because she has a very charming on-air personality, plus she is the girl-next-door type … which means she looks really easy to talk to.  Did I mention she is HOT?  There are a ton of photos of Courtney Friel online – and I had a difficult time picking what to use here.  Try a google search on her – and you’ll see what I mean.

There was no shortage of information about Courtney Friel available.  Here is the abbreviated version … she is currently 28 years old – born April 22, 1980.  She grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania – and went to San Diego State University … graduating with a BA in Political Science while completing internships with MTV News, and several others.  After graduating from SDSU, Courtney Friel held a number of reporting positions – just prior to joining Fox News in February 2007, she was an anchor on KPSP in Palm Springs.  She also hosted The World Poker Tour, and Court TV’s The Saturday Night Solution.  If you watch Fox News Channel, you can’t help but find yourself watching Courtney Friel at some point – and you will certainly find yourself saying “WOW – she is awesome” like I do every time she comes on!  She kind of reminds me of Jenny McCarthy when Jenny was younger – hopefully Courtney won’t wind up in any adult magazines if things ever slow down for her.

Here are a couple of youtube videos of Courtney Friel that I found.  The first video shows Courtney doing an ab workout.  The second video shows Courtney Friel reporting a really funny story in its entirety … so you can get a feel for her on-air personality.  [You’ll also find June 2007 Woman of the Month Jane Skinner (wow) at the beginning and end of the second video.]  We think Courtney looks STUNNING in both of these videos!



Typically at this point, we attempt to analyze our Woman of the Month pick in terms of the Midlifebachelor.com 14 Types of Women.  Which type or types do you suppose Courtney Friel might be?  Well, she is certainly a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot) since she is a high income earner.  If you know Courtney Friel personally and/or would to share something about her – please add a COMMENT to the comment section at the bottom of this page!

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