Woman of the Month – July 2007 Laurie Dhue of Fox News

Laurie Dhue of Fox News hands down wins our Woman of the Month nomination for July 2007.  I’ll be honest, because I’ve been so busy, I have not had the chance to watch Fox News as much as I would like.  But several weeks ago, Laurie was giving a report about something – and I just simply could not stop looking at her lips.  Laurie Dhue has the best, most outstanding pair of lips of ANY newscaster anywhere.  Are they her real lips?  Have they been cosmetically enhanced?  I have no idea – but I’m in love with those lips.

Here is what we know about Laurie.  She is thirty-eight years old, and is the daughter of the former Vice President of Wrestling Operations for World Championship Wrestling, Bob Dhue.  She attended college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  She also sang with a women’s a cappella group, the Loreleis as a second alto.  She has been an anchor and a reporter for Fox News Channel since September 2000 … working on Fox News Live, Fox Magazine, and the Fox Report Weekend.  The last time (prior to several weeks ago) that I saw Laurie was when she was part of Geraldo Rivera’s “Geraldo at Large” news team.   Bill O’Reilly interviewed Laurie on The O’Reilly Factor back in March of 2006 … not because of any right-wing hype, but because of the tremendous popular support for Laurie’s lips (or at least that is my theory). I just saw Laurie today (late Saturday afternoon) – she was the news anchor for the Fox Report Weekend.

Unfortunately all the decent Laurie Dhue video clips on youtube have disappeared, and I won’t post anything trashy out of respect to her. If anyone finds a new tasteful clip of her in action, then please let me know and I’ll include it right here.

Now here is an interesting piece of information – according to Wikipedia, Laurie Dhue is 6 foot 3 inches tall.  She would be able to see my bald spot from up there – but I’d be just fine standing directly in front of her.

In terms of a midlifebachelor.com analysis of Laurie – just like with previous Women of the Month, we do not personally know her so we can only guess.   In terms of Types of Women – she is obviously a Jackpot … meaning that she is very intelligent, good-looking, and a high income earner.   [Midlife bachelors like high income earning women – because they can potentially support us, if necessary.  ;o) ]   Since Laurie is also extremely pretty and well put-together, we imagine she has to be High Maintenance … which means that she likely spends a lot of time in a medi-spa or salon … that she appreciates expensive things, etc.   Nothing wrong with being High Maintenance – many of my previous girlfriends have been High Maintenance, and most really good-looking women will fall into this same category at least to some extent.  The only other guess about what TYPE of woman Laurie might be – she might be The Boss … which means she might like to be the one in charge of everything.  Again – we don’t know this, we can only make an uneducated guess here.   To categorize Laurie within any of the other Types of Women covered elsewhere in MidlifeBachelor.com, we would have to have first-hand knowledge of her – which we do not have.   To sum everything up – we at midlifebachelor.com love Laurie Dhue, and hope to see more of her on Fox News Channel.

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