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here are a number of hot Los Angeles-area newscasters – and Gina Silva is certainly one of the hottest of the hot Latinas.  I live in the LA area, and have watched Gina on the local Fox 11 News for a number of years.  I enjoy several things about Gina – she dresses very professionally and conservatively, and she reports live news events in a very controlled and responsible manner.  The most recent story I watched her report on concerned a wedding photographer who had cheated a large number of brides and grooms out of their wedding photos … where they paid the photographer up-front, but were never delivered the photos.   Gina did a great job with the story – covering both the victim’s standpoint AND ALSO interviewing the business owner … a man (the photographer) who said that he and his business partner-wife got in over their heads.   The funny part was that Gina was yelled at by the photographer’s wife – to leave their property.   I admire Gina for having the balls to go to that photographer’s house, and do that interview.

What is truly impressive about Gina Silva is where she came from.  She was the daughter of migrant workers who, as a child, spent a lot of time working in the fields with her parents.  Her family encouraged her to stay in school … which she did … and she ultimately wound up graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism at the Arizona State University.  She worked in Arizona as a broadcast journalist in Phoenix at Univision, then later she anchored the morning news at a CBS affiliate station in Tuscon.   Gina Silva came to Los Angeles when an executive from EXTRA entertainment news saw her, and successfully recruited her to work on that show as a celebrity reporter.  Four years later, Gina found her way into the mainstream news scene in LA in 2001 when she landed a job at KCOP Channel 13 as a weekend anchor and spot reporter.   Since coming to Fox 11 News, I’ve seen Gina in many different roles … I see her at night as a special projects reporter on various special interest stories.   Gina Silva is also the morning news anchor at Fox 11 News.  She has received several Emmy nominations for her live spot news coverage.

I will admit that I have a love and fascination for hot Latina women … especially professional women like Gina Silva.  I love the way she dresses … I love the way she carries herself on-air.  I am quite positive that I am her #1 fan in Southern California.  If you don’t have the capability of watching Fox 11 News in Los Angeles, then you are missing out.  I scoured youtube.com to see if there were any videos of Gina Silva reporting … and sadly there were not. 🙁

In terms of analyzing Gina Silva in midlifebachelor.com terms – that is hard to do since none of us personally know Gina. We’ll take our typical guesses though.   She is definitely a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot).  She is probably NOT High Maintenance (see Types of Women – High Maintenance) … because she comes from a poor family … which means we’d guess that she is very appreciative of everything she had and has earned for herself. If you watch Gina Silva on TV, my guess is that you will conclude (as I have) that she is extremely conservative.   Just for fun, take a look at the different Types of Women in the Fundamental Truths about Women and Midlife Dating Today section, and see what other type or types Gina might be.   Latina women often have hot tempers … so perhaps she is a Showgirl? See Types of Women – Showgirl. ;o)

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