High Profile Female Author / TV Personality Finds Some Content Here Cheap and Distasteful
Boy – this was a doozie. I was very excited that an extremely successful female author and television personality contacted me on July 5th, and wanted to discuss some cross promotions. I very much respect this woman, what she has already achieved, and how she is taking herself and her company to the next level. Turns out that prior to contacting me, she had not really read the more racy parts of midlifebachelor.com – like the Woman of the Month or the section on Fundamental Truths about Women and Midlife Dating Today. When she did personally speak with me over the weekend, she told me that the type of content I have on those sections cheapens and diminishes the rest of the really good content on this site … and she asked me why I would “go there” (down to that base pig-level of men in their twenties). I was surprised and floored by her comments … and I was not well-prepared to verbally defend my site content on-the-fly at that moment.

Here is basically what I told her – and since I’ve had some time to think about it, I am also adding a little more detail to my response here. My goal with midlifebachelor.com is to address both general midlife issues (like the ones you see on the home page in upper left-hand corner in the MIDLIFE ARTICLES section) and also single midlife male-specific issues … like what to expect in the dating world, what kind of dating landscape is out there, what women can be like, what to watch out for, men’s health issues, etc. All of what I say is from a man’s point-of-view, and is grounded in the sense that what I discuss reflects either personal experiences of mine, or those of people that I know extremely well. I told her that not all of what I say is pretty – but they are things that need to be said for the benefit of midlife men who are new to the dating world. Our slogan here is “Leverage the knowledge of your brothers” … and that is what all of the content of this site is about, even if it is not necessarily respectful. I suppose one could say that in some cases, I put “truth” ahead of “respect”.

Concerning the various comments made in the Woman of the Month section … like being attracted to Laurie Dhue’s lips … or the fact that Julie Banderas is a hot-n-spicy Latina … or the fact that we love these women because they are high income earners … etc. Like it or not, these are things that most men think. I also use comments in Woman of the Month section to try to point men to other sections of the site … like (for example) to the section on High Maintenance Women. The goal is to get people familiar with different parts of this site.

I suppose the last thing to mention is that the overall goal of this site is to address the needs of the 80% majority of men between the ages of 35 and 55. I say “80%” because I’m guessing that 10% of men won’t like this site because they are extremely conservative, and another 10% of men won’t like this site because it is not racy enough. I am prepared to let the market decide if my content is good. But I definitely appreciated this particular high profile woman’s input. I hope she will continue to engage me in dialog, and be my friend – even though she finds parts of this site distasteful. And I’d like to think she sees value in some of my content. Wow – what a day!  And no – I won’t mention who this person was ;o)

Are Men’s Supplement Ads Bad for this Site?
A female webmaster (whose site has a lot of credibility) told me in no uncertain terms that she thought the men’s vitamin/virility supplement ads that I allow on this site were a very bad idea, and that they significantly diminish the value and credibility of midlifebachelor.com. I would really like to hear what you think – if you agree with her, or if you think those ads are not a big deal, or ??? Please take 20 seconds to bounce me an email with your opinion at [email protected]. Please help me out, and let me know what you think. UPDATE: I decided to pull all of the men’s supplement ads from this site.

The reason for having those virility supplement ads to begin with was that some men do use those supplements. Another reason – I do not have control over what appears inside the google ads, and the google ads don’t always reflect appropriate advertisers for our target midlife visitors.

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