Erica Hill
Erica Hill
Erica Hill

Erica Hill, of CBS and CNN, has been selected as the midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for September 2010!

There were several recent reader submissions referencing Erica Hill - but I had not seen her myself until sometime in the past week or so, when she was apparently standing in for Katie Couric while Katie was on assignment in Afghanistan.  What I like about how Erica Hill reports the national news is - she looks so serious no matter what she is talking about ... and she uses a lot of facial expressions to accentuate her points.  I find her on-air mannerisms to be totally hot. ha ha

Here is some background on Erica Hill.  She was born in July of 1976 ... so that makes her thirty-four years old at the moment.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Boston University, and speaks French fluently.  [I only speak French after midnight, personally.]  From 2000 through 2003, she was a reporter on TechTV news, but her popularity really surged after she joined CNN where she anchored Prime News Tonight, and then later also provided news updates on Anderson Cooper 360.  She did some work for CBS in 2008, as weekend co-anchor for The Early Show.  And as recently as this past January 2010, Erica Hill joined the weekday edition of The Early Show - replacing Russ Mitchell.  Since Maggie Rodriguez (midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for May 2009) is on maternity leave and typically substitutes for Katie Couric, Erica Hill now gets that fill-in anchor spot ... and we think that is great.  We would love to see more of Erica Hill!

Erica Hill is currently married to David Yount - and they have two small children together.

Here are two updated/recent 2016 videos that show Erica Hill.  The first contains several clips of her, and the second video is of her last day on Anderson Cooper 360 ...

Typically at this point, we attempt to analyze our Woman of the Month pick in terms of the Midlifebachelor.com 14 Types of Women.  Which type or types do you suppose Erica Hill might be?  Well, she is certainly a Jackpot (see Types of Women - Jackpot) since she is a high income earner.  If you know Erica Hill personally and/or would to share something about her - please add a COMMENT to the comment section at the bottom of this page!


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