Midlifebachelor.com Introduction:  My midlife friend, Barbara, has done a fair amount of online dating – and so I thought it would be useful for those of us here who read midlifebachelor.com to check out her thoughts about the types of people she has encountered on the various online dating websites … all from a woman’s perspective, of course.   I have added my own comments, where applicable (shown in this color) …

Overall I am pretty unimpressed with the quality of men out in the world.  There’s a reason they say “all the good ones are taken” but it’s not 100% true because I am a good one and I’m not taken, plus I know some really great single men and women out there.   I have used online dating because it seemed like the most logical place to go – very commonplace these days.  I don’t know if I can ever go back to it though because it seems to be a big playground for most people there, and I am not into that.

Here are the five types of people I have identified who actively participate in those online dating websites,   I know I am generalizing – this is just me venting and sharing my personal observations.  Note that all types come in both sexes, and some people are a combination of two or more:

     1) Beauty-Seeker
2) Gold-Digger
3) Insolent and Immature
4) Deceptive and/or Manipulative
5) Decent Honest

Beauty Seeker
This type is typically male.  The Beauty-Seeker is looking for someone HOT … someone with a great body, handsome/beautiful.  They are willing to overlook minor details like intelligence or kindness in lieu of someone that looks a certain way.  I have never had to deal with this type so I don’t have any personal illustrations.  [Midlifebachelor.com note – I can tell you that no matter who you are or how you look, there is definitely someone who will find you attractive … and that person may or may not be a Beauty-Seeker (someone who is interested in you precisely because of how you look).]

This type is typically female.  The Gold-Digger loves all things expensive and expects the finest restaurants, fanciest cars, and lots of material goodies.  Guys have told me women flat out ask them what their yearly income is before agreeing to a date!  Note that rich Beauty-Seeker men are a good match for attractive Gold-Digger women – it’s a win/win.  It’s not uncommon to see some old geezer with a hot young chick on his arm.  You can pretty much assume there is money in his account.  [Midlifebachelor.com note – I am definitely not an “old geezer” but I believe Barbara just described my last five relationships with her last two sentences … however I’d replace her “young chick” with what I call a “trophy woman”.  I’m personally fine with this.  Oh – and a special note just for the male readers:  if a woman has the balls to ask you your income, you should dismiss her at once.  Gold Diggers are fairly pervasive – but a tacky Gold Digger with no shame is a direct threat to your financial security.  Plus it is just plain rude.]

Insolent & Immature
I see tons of this type out there when I read profiles of men and women.  Here are a few examples:  A guy that will come right out and ask if you have sex on the first date, or imply that he has a “big one”.  I am not kidding.  This is insulting, childish, disgusting and rude – YUCK!  [Midlifebachelor.com note – people like this need to have some tact … otherwise one can never hope to attract a quality date.  Now there are certain websites that are more oriented toward finding an instant sex partner … and if that is what you are looking for, then stick with those sites.  Otherwise I think one would be better served by acting like a decent person, right?  I suggest that anyone who is Insolent & Immature consider reading the section of midlifebachelor.com entitled, “Attitude Adjustment/Mental Makeover 2.0 in the Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover section.]

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