should probably have titled this article, “DO YOU THINK that Women Really Need to Wear Makeup?” because I believe the answer really depends on who you ask.  Makeup exists to help bring out the natural beauty of a woman.  It can also hide some imperfections.  There are also regional influences involved – where you live can have a profound effect on how much makeup women wear.  Everyone reading this article will have a slightly different opinion on the subject.

Me – I love women with makeup … red lips, hairspray, fingernails, pedicure, nicely dressed … you get the idea.  Now I live in the Los Angeles area, and also spend a lot of time in Orange County and San Diego … so I am fairly biased toward what I sometimes call the “foofy woman” or the “high maintenance woman” . [You can read more details about foo-foo women in Types of Women – High Maintenance in the section entitled Fundamental Truths about Women and Midlife Dating Today]   I think regionally in the parts of Southern California which I frequent, there is a bias and expectation that women look a certain way … and we the indigenous males of the area often expect a certain kind of appearance.  This look that I’m referring to is not a streetwalker-look … as too much makeup can definitely be a turnoff.   I suppose I’m asserting that some of the midlife bachelors of Southern California favor more of a natural-toned makeup type of look … not extreme eye shadow nor huge eye lashes, etc.  If you want an example of what I’m talking about, I suppose you could look at photos of some of the mid-thirties to mid-forties age Hollywood stars.

I have a good friend who lives in Santa Barbara … and when I’ve visited him up there, I noticed that a lot of the women seem to wear little if any makeup.   The “au naturel” look seems to be more in favor in Santa Barbara, for some reason.  My friend’s wife has that au naturel look – and since he is originally from Santa Barbara, I think that is the type of appearance that he expects from women.  In other words, he doesn’t notice (or mention to me) that the women there don’t seem to wear a lot of makeup.

Now this past January 2007, I traveled to Rome, Italy, for twelve days for a vacation.  I had not been to Europe in quite some time, and I had never before been to Rome.  One of the very first things I noticed in Rome was the women … they all wore a lot of dark-colored eye shadow … and I remember thinking to myself that this was sexy as all hell … but it kind of gave the women there somewhat of a harsh look (compared to what I’m used to).  In other words, it looked like the women there could hurt you!  I was in Rome with my girlfriend so obviously I have no way of knowing the real truth concerning the women of Rome, but wow – what a look they had.

I was perusing, and found the following video entertaining and on-topic for this article.  Again using Hollywood stars as an example, it demonstrates the difference that makeup can make.

How much makeup should a woman wear to be attractive to you?

Just enough to look good
Streetwalker style – a lot of makeup
Au naturel – no makeup or minimal
Doesn’t matter – no preference
Depends on the woman
This question sucks

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