Here’s how to touch a woman in order to build attraction while out on a date.  You have to be subtle, but do so with purpose – and avoid being creepy.  Touch will definitely build attraction between a woman and a man.  If done correctly, touch can transform a purely social conversation into an interaction with sexual tension and get her to want to come back to your place. Here are some top tips for a touch a woman

bachelor on how best to touch a woman.

Touches should escalate gradually
Let’s say you are in a conversation with a girl, and you want to make it more sexual.  You shouldn’t immediately smell her hair, or go for the kiss.  That would be too fast!  Touches should gradually get more intimate as the conversation progresses.

Start off with non-sexual touches:

  • The shoulder
  • The arm
  • The belly

Then as you get to know her better you can introduce touches which are a little more sexual:

  • Her hand
  • Her hair
  • Her back

Then finally you progress to very sexual touches.  You can do these just before or after kissing her.

  • The back of her neck
  • The back of her arm
  • The back of her leg
  • Behind her ears

Don’t look where you touch – you never want to look where you are touching a woman.  Touching should be natural (or at least appear to be natural).

Notice something about what she is wearing
When you are talking to her, pay attention to what she is wearing.  Is she wearing a nice necklace?  A bracelet?  Cool shoes?  Interesting earrings?  There is a very seductive reason why you will want to train yourself to notice the things women wear.  These observations will give you a smooth excuse to touch her!

You: “I like your bracelet”
* brush her hand as you touch her bracelet for a second

You: “What’s the story behind it?”

Noticing what she is wearing will give you a great excuse to touch her plus increase the connection between you and her.

Misdirect your touch with her
Another great way to touch a woman is by pointing to something or someone else in the bar as you touch her with your other hand.

You: “Hey look at that crazy guy!”
* point to crazy guy while putting your hand on her arm or shoulder

Misdirecting your touch will allow you to touch her without making her feel uncomfortable.   You can make many excuses to do this; “Do you know her?”, “Is that David Beckham over there?”, “What do you think of her outfit?”.  You only want to make the touch for a couple of seconds.  Never leave a lingering hand, no one likes this!

Use Humorous Touches
I have a pretty easy-going personality so when I’m out, I like to try and make conversations fun for myself and the woman.  Fun and humour increases attraction, and when you combine it with touch it can produce incredible results.

  • Play thumb wars with her (childish but fun)
  • Hold her hand and go to kiss it but at the last minute spin it over and kiss your own hand (fun and a bit of a tease)
  • Teach her some secret handshake; make it up as you go! (it’s fun plus you get to lead her)
  • Tickle her; make sure it is appropriate to do this first.  She should be in a fun mood, and the setting should be very informal, tickle her for a second and then stop.

According to a Harvard study, “Ninety three percent of communication is sub communication”.  This includes things like touch, body language, vocal tonality and eye contact.  The words that you say only equate to seven percent, this demonstrates how very important touch is.

That’s it!  Take this information and start practicing as much as you can.

This article was contributed by Robert King (Kingy), CEO and Lead Instructor of Every weekend for the past five years, he has taught groups of men how to become better with women on his PUA Bootcamp.

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