Fundamental Truth #6: Women are CRAZY – EXAMPLE: She is NEVER HAPPY

Crazy Woman Example – She is NEVER HAPPY
There are women in today’s world that no matter how hard you try, they just won’t be happy.  They will always find something wrong in their lives.  Today it might you, or something that you do or don’t do.  Tomorrow it might be their job.  The day after, it might be something having to do with her family.  The point here is – there are some women who are unhappy with themselves, and they project this unhappiness on everything and everyone around them … especially you (the one who loves her the most). Sometimes the level of unhappiness varies according to their hormone level – their “time of the month”. Sometimes the unhappiness is constant.  Other times it is not constant but intermittent.  It all depends on the individual woman, and there is no way to predict any of this when you are first getting to know her.

My friend, Greg – his wife, Tiffany is a good example of a woman who is never happy.  She constantly berates Greg, always tells him what is wrong with him, or what he is doing wrong.  She seldom awards him any praise. She hates his friends and family (discussed previously).  She bounces from job to job – hardly ever keeping one single job for more than six months.  She started working on a particular degree at a local university – then dropped out after one year, and changed course altogether by going to dental hygiene school.  In short, her life is always turning on a dime – she changes what she’s doing frequently, and never follows through on any one thing.  Every time she changes course, she is convinced that this new course of action will improve her life, and that she will be happy … but after some period of time, she begins to doubt this, and then changes course yet again.  To make matters worse, she fights with my friend, Greg, and has even physically thrown punches at him … which culminated with her knocking one of his front teeth out several years ago.

The woman described above I believe is a rather extreme case – I’ve never known anyone quite her equivalent.  She absolutely will never be happy with herself, and she therefore will perpetually make my friend, Greg, as unhappy as is possible.  [According to Greg, her saving grace with him is that they have great sex … plus he is a very Christian man, and does not believe in divorce.]  Greg’s relationship with Tiffany did not start out this way – but slowly, gradually she started to show her true colors … actually I think it took around a year or two for everything I describe to surface entirely.

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