“Going green” or “living green” is a very popular emerging theme in today’s society … so much so that I thought I’d devote a quick article to these concepts.   No – I’m not talking about “recycling an old girlfriend” … which often means calling her up for a rendezvous (although that can be a solid periodic bachelor strategy).   In this case, I’m talking about real things you can do as an individual to live more green.  Try doing at least one of them each day – and imagine how much better off our world would be if everyone did the same thing.

Here are some examples of “green” things you can do which will help both you and our planet. Try your best to do at least one of them today:

  1. Recycle everything (not just old girlfriends – ha ha)  If you don’t recycle it, then “it” will be going to a landfill.  Recycling is not difficult, but it is deliberate – so be proactive, and make a difference.  This is one of the easiest “green” things you can do – and it can make the biggest impact.


  2. Close the refrigerator door.  Not only will this save energy – it will also keep your beer cold.
  3. Dispose of your hazardous waste properly.  This means things like batteries, paint, oil, even your old computer or computer monitor.  My big ass 19-inch Dell monitor recently died – and I made the effort to find out which of the local dumps/transfer stations accepts computer monitors.  Yes – I had to drive out of my way, but they took it and did not charge me a disposal fee.
  4. Replace a standard lightbulb with a compact fluorescent bulb.  Yes – the fluorescent bulbs cost more, but they last like ten times longer, and use a fraction of the electricity.  Give it a try, and feel good about the choice.


  5. Volunteer to pick up trash.  Don’t wait for it to be court-ordered due to some misdemeanor you’ve committed – be proactive about it (and that way you won’t be wearing an orange jumpsuit, nor having a deputy guarding you when you do it).
  6. Avoid fast food.   Fast food is often over-packaged plus it is bad for you (it makes you fat).  So do both yourself and the world a favor, and eat something healthy at home.
  7. Ride a bike instead of driving.   You’ll save on gas plus you will make yourself more healthy.  Try doing this at least once each week.  If you can do it more often, then you could wind up saving a ton of money on gas alone.
  8. Use products made of recycled material – if the packaging is made of recycled material, then it will say so on the label.   Try reading the labels – you might just be surprised what you learn.
  9. Don’t buy aerosols.  Aerosols destroy the ozone layer … which is one cause of global warming.  Avoid the aerosols altogether.
  10. Buy organic products whenever possible – assuming you can afford them.  “Organic” means “no chemicals” … and that is definitely “green”.
  11. Grow your own vegetables and fruits.  I have not done this myself yet, but I would certainly like to.  I’m kind of a pepperhead so I’ll probably start with jalapenos and serrano chilis.  Growing your own produce is damn green.
  12. Replace old appliances with new Energy Star compliant models.  You can save a ton of money on electricity by getting rid of that old air conditioner, refrigerator, or big old school TV – and replacing it with something modern.  Always look at the power consumption specs on refrigerators and TVs.   LCD TVs use a lot less power than plasmas, for example.  If you are replacing an air conditioner, pay close attention to the SEER rating.  The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is (and the less your monthly energy bill will be). Look for this label on whatever electronic thing you are buying …


  13. Sell the SUV and buy a hybrid.  This is a very obvious thing to do – you’ll save a ton of money on gas.
  14. Spread the word.   I think that part of “living green” consists of encouraging others to do the same.  Don’t be annoying about it – just be proactive and positive.  You can make a difference if you try.

If you have any other ideas about how midlife bachelors and bachelorettes can live more green, then please hit me with an email at [email protected].  If I like your idea, I may add it to this list.  Or if you prefer, you can add your ideas for green things you can do over in our discussion forum here is a link to the green thread

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