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There are six sections to this short article:

Gadget High
The New TV Competes with the Girlfriend
Finally – 1080p LCD TV with HDMI 1.3
The Audio Visual Receiver
Speakers – A Critical & Expensive Choice
Blu-ray or HD-DVD? Updated January 7, 2008

Gadget High
I am in love with my brand-spanking-new high definition TV and home theater setup.  I love it … it is perfect.  I cannot imagine life beforehand without it – no.  It brings me joy at a level I had previously not thought possible.   I refer to this feeling as being “gadget high.”  ;o)

The New TV competes with the Girlfriend?
My current girlfriend has decided that this new TV represents some sort of competition for her.  Of course, since realizing she feels this way, I am trying to get some mileage out of it.  She asked me if I like the TV more than her, and I’ve given her several entertaining responses:

1) Yes – I like the TV more than you … shhhhh!
2) The TV is currently more entertaining than you are
3) Shhhhh!  If I want drama, I’ll change the channel to a soap opera

Fortunately she knows that I’m joking around, so she hasn’t gotten upset with me … but you can tell that she definitely does not like the “shhhh” part where I am shushing her ;o)   If I keep using that expression, I will wind up in the doghouse and have to add whatever takes me over that threshold to the MIDLIFE ARTICLEInstant Doghouse – What Not to Say to your Girlfriend

Now I doubt that the majority of our female readers will appreciate this particular article – as this is likely one of those “man subjects”.   I am most definitely a “gadget man”, and this home theater setup is without question a serious set of gadgets.  I purchased a 1080p Sony XBR5 TV, and a Denon AV Surround Receiver … along with a full complement of Bowers & Wilkins speakers … two fronts, a center, a subwoofer, and two rear surrounds.  The exact models of each of these don’t matter so much as their end result … joy in the heart and mind of their new owner.  I’ll briefly describe what drove me to choose specific models … just in case you are contemplating making the leap to HD.

Finally – 1080p LCD TV with HDMI 1.3
What drove me to make this purchase was the availability of an LCD TV with full 1080p and HDMI 1.3 capabilities in the exact screen size that I wanted for my living room.  I’d been studying the specs on the Samsung and Sony TVs religiously … and was waiting for the Sony to actually show up in stores before I made my final decision.  [I’d been told not to just compare technical specs – but to actually look at the TVs side by side, and then decide … which is exactly what I did.]   I had been paying attention to more that just the resolution and HDMI 1.3 specs – but those were the top two on my list … and I don’t want to bore you with more technical details than necessary.  There was also a timing element to all of this – I knew I’d be most likely to get the best prices between Thanksgiving and Christmas … and so I actually purchased all of what is described here on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.   Continued on next page >>>

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