This INTRO section gives you a high-level overview and introduction to the types of issues discussed in the rest of the Midlife Dating Advice section of  The purpose of this Midlife Dating Advice section is to enable us (the midlife bachelors and sometimes midlife bachelorettes) to share and leverage the midlife knowledge … so that together we can more easily maneuver our way through our individual midlife bachelor/bachelorette experiences.

Introduction to the Concept of Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium
Okay – so with all the midlife changes and makeovers and strategy adjustments happening (just discussed in the previous INTRO pages of this section), this all must inevitably lead a midlife bachelor to his true perfect relationship, right?  Well maybe – but I believe there is something out there which is far more important than any relationship, and that is something I refer to as “equilibrium”.  Midlife bachelor equilibrium, as I call it, refers to being able to come to terms with yourself and your individual situation.  It means reaching a new and greater level of self-understanding as a function of all the midlife bachelor experiences and resulting personal growth that occurs.

Let’s face it – if you accept the challenge of midlife bachelorhood, and get aggressive about establishing a solid personal growth and dating strategy, you are going to do many things that are probably different from the way you had been living your life previously.  If you take the time to analyze what you are doing, and how your individual strengths are evolving – then you will succeed at knowing yourself far better than you otherwise might.  Being cognizant of your strengths will help you leverage those strengths not only in the dating world, but also perhaps in your professional life.  Similarly over time you will likely become more keenly aware of whatever weaknesses or challenges you as a person have.

Midlife Bachelor Equilibrium evolves over time whereby you learn to leverage your strengths and work around your weaknesses in order to maximize your own potential in whatever endeavor you pursue – be it dating, or work-related, or something else.   Equilibrium is all about learning, adapting, and growing as a person … and having an appreciation not only for that process, but also for all of the people and blessings you as an individual have in your life.  If you stop long enough to “smell the roses”, you might just recognize that things are going pretty well … and that, too, is a central component of reaching midlife bachelor equilibrium.

Much of this site focuses on preparing you, the midlife bachelor, for success in the midlife dating world.  To that extent, I start off painting a picture for you of the dating landscape you are about to encounter, as I have seen and experienced it.  Now I believe that I am a reasonably good observer and listener … and over time I have figured out what I call “fundamental truths” about women and dating – which I regard as critical components of the dating landscape.  Some of what I tell you might appear extreme, other things I tell you might appear to be simple common sense.  Often much of it is overlooked by those whose eyes and ears are not wide open.  [The newest midlife bachelors typically fail to notice many of these things – simply because they are fresh to the scene, and thus vulnerable.]  Take everything I tell you as input – and make your own decisions.  Don’t necessarily judge what you read here right away – instead reserve that judgment for a year or two from now … after you’ve taken the time to go through all of the various midlife bachelor learning experiences and personal growth phases.  My guess is that you will find yourself enjoying a certain measure of midlife bachelor success which you might not quite anticipate right now … and my hope is that the gift I give you via the content of this site helps you maximize your own individual success.

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