Is AccessRx Legit and Legal? Online Medication Facilitator, Reviewed

Quick Background on facilitates prescription medications online, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.  They have been around since 1998 and I am friends with‘s marketing director, Rich Bernstein.  He kindly requested me to do a quick recap of and I am writing a candid review of them and why you should purchase from a REAL facilitator and not a GENERIC website.  If you buy from them, Great!  But if not, please don’t buy from an illegal website that can harm your health.  Always make sure to see a doctor before ordering medications online.
Everyday millions of consumers turn to the internet for their shopping needs.  From clothes, to large appliances, and even prescription medications, everything these days is purchased online.  Ordering medications online can be fast and easy, but that doesn’t always make it safe.  There are countless websites that sell medications, and 95% of them are scam operations run by companies in other countries like China, Canada, and India.  So when people go online searching, “Is AccessRx legitimate?” they are looking for genuine FDA approved medications not fake drugs from Canada.  These days everyone is looking to save money anyway they can and this allows criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting Americans with dangerous consequences.

Many Americans are not aware that there is currently no generic version of Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.  Websites selling Generic versions of Viagra at lowered prices are selling you FAKES.  These websites easily lure in consumers with suspiciously low prices on Cialis and other prescription medications.  They offer things like 10% off all repeat orders and 25 free pills.  When have you ever gone to the pharmacy and they offered you 25 pills for free and 10% off just for being a return customer?  This has never happened to you because it just doesn’t make any sense.  People who purchase from these sites do not receive genuine FDA approved medications and they certainly don’t get generic drugs that don’t exist.  They get counterfeit pills like the Avastin that was shipped to American consumers from Canada and found to contain traces of arsenic and lead in it.

Since is legit, they have created a 4 Step Guide to help American consumers to spot phony medical sites.  People in countries outside of the U.S. typically run them and they are known for shipping fake or counterfeit medications that contain dangerous chemicals in them.  To top it off, authorities have a hard time tracking down these illegal site owners because they are outside U.S. laws.  This makes it much easier for these websites to steal a consumer’s personal information and never face prosecution.  For your own safety and health:  Don’t make the deadly mistake of putting FAKE versions of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra that don’t even exist in your body!

Spotting dangerous medical websites isn’t easy, but advises people to look for these 4 red flags:

No contact information.  If there is no way to reach people in charge, it’s a fake site.  Always make sure the contact information is legitimate and is in the United States.  If you call and they care more about selling you things than answering your questions, it’s a fake site.

Extremely low prices.  Everyone wants to save money in this day and age but prescription medication is not food on the dollar menu.  Prescription medications have years of research and millions of dollars put into them to make sure they are safe for you to take.  If the medication prices are lower than a Happy Meal, it’s more than likely you will get fake medications.

Medication without a prescription.  Prescriptions are used for a reason: patient safety.  If a site is willing to ship medications without a prescription it’s a major red flag.  For safety reasons the FDA also requires certain medications to be available by prescription.  This helps to keep consumers and the public safe from abusing any prescription medicines.  No legitimate site would send someone a medication without a prescription.  Is AccessRx legitimate?  Yes say over 500,000 satisfied customers who have used them since 1998 according to their website.

No on-site help.  If you have questions about a particular medication you want to buy online and have no one to answer them, why would you give the website your credit card information?  If consumers can’t ask questions about medications and instantly get help from trained medical staff either online or on the phone, it’s best to find another site. Legitimate websites like have friendly customer service representatives available for you to speak to over the phone and LiveChat available online whenever you need any questions answered.

Shopping for medications online can be safely done when choosing a legitimate online facilitator like to purchase genuine FDA approved medications from the comfort of your own home.  Don’t be fooled by fake drugs and counterfeit generic medicine that put your safety at risk.

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