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Do you think that sugar daddy dating is the same thing as prostitution?  I am 45 years old, and finalized my divorce roughly three months ago. After everything my wife of 16 years has put me through, I am just so anti-relationship right now that it’s sad. I do not want a regular girlfriend, and I do not want a relationship BUT I do have some needs, and have been thinking that one of those sugar daddy type things might be good for me. I have to mention that I do make a lot of money, and still have a disposable income (even after alimony each month) that is large compared to most men these days.

Here’s my question – what do you think of those sugar daddy dating websites? Is this the oldest profession in the world, or is it something different? If it is different – what is different about it? I’ve never paid for services such as those before, and I’m not sure this would be exactly that. Or am I wrong? I’ve done some reading on this subject, and I think one could argue it either way. Have you ever done anything like this yourself?  Please give


me your advice on this, and whether you think it is something I should pursue given that I am anti-relationship but want something hot and young and without strings. Thank you!


Hi – thanks for writing in. This is a very interesting question – one which I have not tackled in the past here on … so it is definitely worthy of a public response AND it may be interesting to see if the topic draws any COMMENTS in our comment section at the bottom … because this issue is fairly controversial.

First of all, I, myself, have not done anything like this in my own past. I used to have a neighbor named Gil who was around 70 years old. His wife of 30+ years cheated on him with his best friend, and he wound up renting a place around the corner from me.  One day, I saw this smoking hot Latina around 24 years old leaving his place, with him walking her out – and after she left I asked him if that was his granddaughter, and he told me to my complete surprise that it was his GIRLFRIEND. I was floored! Turned out that she was a stripper from one of the local strip clubs, and Gil had been handing out $100 bills like business cards … and so she became his regular squeeze. I saw her over there many times … and he even showed me nude photos of her on his cell phone … and she was hhhhhot! OMG!!!  He told me for his birthday, she brought over another stripper – and they had a threesome!

I also know one individual in my extended circle of friends who currently has some kind of sugar daddy thing going on – he is age 48, and he has a “friend” who is age 24, and who has an infant son. In his case, he did not meet her on a sugar website – he SAYS he met her in a restaurant, and then things “started happening”. In his case, I am told that this young woman will not kiss him … but will give herself to him once or twice a month … and in exchange, he pays her rent. She has attended several parties at his house that I have also attended, but she doesn’t really seem to mix with the rest of us – she sits in a different room and watches television with her small son. I’ve also been told that she won’t be seen with him when she is around HER FRIENDS because she is embarrassed to be “dating” someone who is her father’s age.

Now is what I just described “typical” of sugar-type relationships? I would say NO – I don’t think so … but I don’t know for sure. Maybe some are like that, and some are not. I think what is more typical is that some of the very hot young women who are struggling to make ends meet – they want to meet a man who will help “take care” of them financially, and in return they will do whatever he asks. I’m thinking that French kissing and full-on nudity and associated actions are probably pretty common. Depending on the girl, she may or may not be willing to venture out in public with her sugar daddy … but my bet is her willingness may have to do with how much the sugar daddy contributes financially and/or if he is a celebrity.

So exactly how hot are these younger women who want sugar daddies? The two I have seen (described above) are WAY FLIPPING HOT … and I’d probably at least think about forking over $100 bills, if given the opportunity. ha ha I am guessing that many of the women on some of the dedicated sugar daddy websites are extremely hot … and (of course) you can see their photos (just like with any other internet dating website). If any of you (men or women) want to try out one of these sugar daddy type relationships, and then write in and tell me about them (send to info at – then I can certainly publish a follow-up article here on As far as sugar daddy online dating website recommendations, I believe the best, most popular one is:

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Now the original and headlined question here was, “is sugar daddy dating prostitution?” – and my answer is … MAYBE, but probably not … I think it depends how the financial sugar is dispensed. If cash is exchanged directly for services, then that sounds like prostitution to me. If the compensation is in the form of gifts or indirect expenses, then it is probably perfectly fine. How many of us buy our girlfriends or wives cars or anything expensive? Most of us do – and is that prostitution? No! You could, however, argue either way about the whole sugar daddy dating website strategy – if it is not prostitution, then in the opinion of some, it might come close … but I don’t personally think so. What do YOU think? Use our COMMENT SECTION below, or you can feel free to discuss this in our Midlife Forum.

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