Midlife Boomer Advertising on Midlifebachelor.com

Midlife Boomer Advertising on Midlifebachelor.com

If you are interested in exposing your product or service to the baby boomer or midlife demographic segment of America via this website (which caters exclusively to the midlife demographic), then keep reading.

Midlifebachelor.com, along with our Midlife Dating Forum, and Men’s Locker Room and Been Cheated On subforums, occupy a unique position in the ever-expanding midlife marketplace. If our midlife demographic audience interests you, we invite you to participate as an advertiser and/or partner. If you would like information on advertising on midlifebachelor.com, please send an email to ads at midlifebachelor.com.

We do not accept adult ads or content. Nor do we condone or accept the use of excessively foul or offensive language. Below is a snapshot of our site traffic for calendar years 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. In addition to the raw traffic shown below, we also use Google Analytics and Quantcast (shown to the right) – so proprietary data with greater resolution on our audience/demographic exists. Google did change their search algorithm in 2013 – which unfortunately resulted in substantially declining search engine-directed traffic to our site.

Traffic CY2009 Traffic CY2010 Traffic CY2011CY2012 CY2013 CY2014

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