No date on Valentine’s Day? What to do? What NOT to do? In years past, I have at times found myself in the unenviable position of being without a girlfriend, or even a date on Valentine’s Day. I know there are currently a fair number of people in that same boat today, and so I thought I would put together an official midlifebachelor.com suggested list of THINGS YOU CAN
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DO on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a date – along with a second list of WHAT NOT TO DO, too.
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The 2016 Official / Updated Midlifebachelor.com List of
What TO DO on Valentine’s Day When You Do Not Have a Date …

  1. Drink with your buddies at their house and talk about how you don’t really need a relationship right now.

    Of course, if you are the only one of your friends without a date or relationship, then you’ll have to keep reading.

  2. Go to the gym. Nothing is better for this kind of stress than working out.  You should be going to the gym and working out regardless.

  3. Watch TV alone.

    Sure – you can always watch TV alone at home, but this way no one else knows you don’t have a date!

  4. Join an online dating service.
    There are several outstanding online dating services out there – I am sure you’ll find the right one.  You might take a look at our Online Dating Discounts page so that you can at least save yourself some money!  And if you want to date someone WEALTHY – check out our article that shows how you can meet a high roller online… How to Meet a Wealthy Man or Rich Woman Online

  5. Spend time with your family.

    You should be spending time with your family regardless, but this is an especially great day to do it – if you don’t have a date.

  6. Throw a party for others who are dateless.

    Having a “no couples allowed” party (also known as a “Loser’s Party”) might be fun. Or maybe not.

  7. Do whatever you would normally do any other day.

    In other words, you can simply ignore the day!

  8. Recognize that marriage is the number one cause of divorce.

    If you are not married, and don’t even have a date – then you certainly don’t have to worry about a divorce.  And that’s a great thing.  Marriage = MISERY … remember that!  And if you don’t believe me then just ask anyone who is married.  If they tell you differently then they are a LIAR!!!  ha ha ha

  9. Recognize that by not having a girlfriend – that everyplace you go by yourself is HALF OFF the price!

    Since you are dateless, you are only paying for yourself … and that is at least fifty percent cheaper than if you had a date.  You can even choose to go NOWHERE and spend NOTHING, if you wish!  And you won’t wind up in the doghouse for being cheap either!

  10. Read this midlifebachelor.com website,
    There is a lot of good advice in the Midlife Dating Advice section of midlifebachelor.com.  You might wish to pay close attention to section that discusses Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Success so that you do not find yourself in this same dateless situation next year!  We also discuss a lot of dating-related issues in our Midlife Forum – so you also might consider lurking or joining.
  11. Visit an adult website.

    If watching adult entertainment is your strategy, then you probably don’t want to publicize it.

And here is the 2016 Official / Updated Midlifebachelor.com List of
What NOT to Do on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a date …

  1. Do not call or email an ex to see how she is doing.

    Your ex doesn’t care about you, and she is probably busy doing someone else.  Sorry!

  2. Do not go out to dinner alone on Valentine’s Day!

    If you go out to dinner on V-day, all you will see is happy couples, and you may want to throw rocks at them!  If you have to go out to eat, then get fast food via the drive-through.

  3. Do not go out on a first date with someone new on Valentine’s Day.

    I did this once years ago, and wow was that ever stupid – as it puts a lot of pressure on both parties to make the date into something it isn’t.

  4. Do not say anything negative to others you encounter during the day who have received flowers and/or gifts for Valentine’s Day.

    If you do, then they may think you are a LOSER with no date!  ha ha  😉

  5. Do not let your neighbors see you washing your car, or gardening, or tooling around outside in the early evening on Valentine’s Day.

    Otherwise they may think you are a LOSER with no damn date!

  6. Do not intentionally harm yourself if you are dateless on V-day!

    Sure – you don’t have date this year, but things will get better in the future, and you will eventually find yourself successfully imprisoned in another relationship (ha ha) … so look forward to that time, and think about how much money you saved by not having a girlfriend this year!

Good luck – next year will be better!  If you have any of your own suggestions on what to do or what not to do on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a date, be sure to add them below in our COMMENTS section.  Oh and if you DO wind up getting yourself a date for Valentine’s Day, and need some ideas on what to do, then please refer to our other article here, entitled,

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2016

Here are a few Valentine’s Day videos from friends of mine that you may find entertaining …

My good friend, Jennifer Dawson of partygirlplusone.com, created the following Valentine’s Day webisode.  Check out how she spent her Valentine’s Day without a date (this is hhhot) …

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