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Exciting Midlifebachelor.com Additions for May 2014:
1) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR ARTICLE  Signs of Infidelity – How to Know if Your Partner is Cheating
2) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR Q&A:  Midlife Crisis Affair Ends in Unhappiness
3) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR WOMAN OF THE MONTH:  Margaret Brennan – foreign policy reporter who covers the U.S. State Department for CBS News
4) UPDATED MIDLIFE BACHELOR ARTICLE:  How to Deal with a Midlife Crisis Affair and Divorce
5) ONGOING MIDLIFE BACHELOR PROJECT –  The Online Dating Spreadsheet – currently at Rev 2.0
• Use this handy Excel spreadsheet to rank and keep track of your online dates


The Founder of midlifebachelor.com has released a second e-book (only for the Kindle, this time) entitled, “Signs of Infidelity – How to Know for Sure if Your Partner is Cheating“.  In addition, the other e-book entitled, “How to Recover from Having Been Cheated On” is available either on Kindle (via the Amazon Kindle Store) OR in PDF format via the dedicated website called, www.been-cheated-on.com.  You can visit the new midlifebachelor.com page, entitled Two New E-books on Infidelilty for a quick overview of each.  We also have a discussion subforum on midlifebachelor.com dedicated exclusively to cheating-related issues – the Been Cheated On forum.

The Midlife Forum is what YOU make it – so don’t be shy about participating.  There is something here for everyone … YES!!!  🙂

The Midlife Forum

Love & Relationships (top newest threads)
The Hairy Bush Girlfriend Debate
How Did You Discover You Were Cheated On? (from the BEEN CHEATED ON subforum)
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Cheating is a Choice – not an emotion – not a consequence? (from the BEEN CHEATED ON subforum)
Sensitive Situation (She went out with someone twice – now he wants her to attend family funeral)
My Ex Looks Like Crap (from the MEN’S LOCKER ROOM subforum)
How Often Do You Have Sex? (from the MEN’S LOCKER ROOM subforum)
Help at a Critical Relationship Point
Shameless (Ms. A OK’s Dating Chronicles – go Ms. A OK!)
What is Normal (How Many Dates before Sex)?
Question for those Who Had a Vasectomy
First Date Gone Wrong
Benefits of Dating an Asian Woman
Went to My First Wedding Post-Divorce
Anyone Been a Sugar Daddy? (from the MEN’S LOCKER ROOM subforum)

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P.S.  Here is what’s new from our midlifebachelor.com PARTNERS …
1) MIDLIFE ARTICLE:   Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?
3) NEW PARTYGIRLPLUSONE VIDEO: Booty Call from the Gym
4) MIDLIFE ARTICLE:   Is It Safe to Buy Viagra Online? Do’s and Don’ts …

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