The signs of someone cheating are very obvious – if you know what to look for.  So if you think your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is cheating on you, then I will show you how to figure it out with absolute certainty.

If your partner is cheating on you, then in most cases they are doing so with extreme caution – with respect to being discovered.  This means they are deliberately being secretive

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about certain things – and once you become aware of what to look for, their veil of secrecy can be lifted and their behavior exposed.  Of course, if you walk in on your partner cheating with someone – then there’s your proof … but in actuality, that seldom happens.  Instead, discovery and recognition of an affair is more of a process where you start to notice various SIGNS, and as those signs accumulate – it causes you to conclude that an affair is what’s going on.

There are what I call MAJOR SIGNS of infidelity, and there are also COMMON SIGNS.  MAJOR SIGNS are huge red flags which typically signal that an affair is underway RIGHT NOW.  The COMMON SIGNS are a bit less obvious – and each of which might mean little by itself … but when enough COMMON SIGNS accumulate, they becoming pretty convincing circumstantial evidence that infidelity is going on.

Here are some examples – first of MAJOR SIGNS:

MAJOR SIGN – Red or flushed face
When your partner returns home, and when they arrive you notice that his or her face is red, or flushed – this can definitely be a major sign that he or she is cheating on you.  If your partner is a man, then a red or flushed face is a sign that they may have taken Viagra in the past several hours.  And other than for having sex with someone, why else would a man take Viagra?

If your partner is a woman, and she’s just arrived home with a red face, then that can mean that another man’s face was just recently rubbing all over her face.  Men’s faces are often a bit rough – unless they shaved literally right before.  And so when a man has sex with a woman, and assuming they are doing it face-to-face, then it can be fairly common for the woman to get a rub-rash on her cheeks.

MAJOR SIGN – Takes a Shower Immediately Upon Arriving Home
If your partner immediately heads to the shower the instant they arrive home, then they are hiding something from you … they want to wash something off of themselves, before you notice it.  And that is definitely a huge red flag.  It is very common for someone cheating to have lingering smells or scents on them following sex with someone else.  Could be the smell of someone’s cologne or perfume – and it could even be the smell of that other person’s “juice” they want to get rid of.  Now you could give your partner a hug, and give them a quick sniff … but you might give away the fact that you suspect something if you do that.  Better to see if you can smell their clothes while they are in the shower – you might even check their underwear to see if you spot something suspicious.

COMMON SIGNS are much more subtle than the MAJOR SIGNS (two of which I just wrote about above). Here are five of nineteen COMMON SIGNS:

  • Secrecy using their cell phone or mobile device
  • Secrecy with their email
  • Difficulty reaching your partner at times
  • Changes in his or her appearance
  • Lack of sex in your relationship

I go into a lot of detail on what these COMMON SIGNS are, how to recognize when they ARE and ARE NOT actual signs of cheating … along with the rest of the MAJOR SIGNS e-book entitled,

Signs of Infidelity – How to Know for Sure if your Partner is Cheating
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In this e-book, I will show you how to:

  • Remain calm and avoid becoming paranoid
  • Look for various MAJOR SIGNS versus COMMON SIGNS of infidelity that I will show you
  • Make careful notes about which signs of infidelity you see, and when
  • Draw a conclusion (instead of jumping to one)

I will also give you some guidance on WHAT TO DO after having proved that you are the victim of cheating … taking into account a number of considerations, such as children, community property, etc.  And then finally, I will introduce you to a recovery plan which will take you from the painful place you are right now … and show you how to successfully recover, and put yourself on a path toward ultimate happiness.

In addition to the e-book, you may also consider joining our Been Cheated On Forum here on  That’s an online discussion forum where people discuss everything involving infidelity.   We also have our Midlife Dating Forum where people in their 30s/40s/50s and sometimes their 60s discuss all things related to dating (or returning to dating after having been married then divorced), cheating, etc.  We’d be happy to have you among our group.

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