Have you ever considered personal matchmaking as your best possible dating strategy?  Here at, one of the most common complaints I see from divorced men and women in their late 30s/40s/50s is that online dating is a complete zoo.  Many of us are busy people – we have careers … we have hobbies … we have our lives going on.  Who has time to spend 3+ hours a day online sifting through dozens (or more) of online dating profiles where 99% of people on those sites won’t be any sort of a good match?  The zoo of online dating can be very frustrating, and flat out depressing!

So how can you leverage technology along with more focused resources in order to significantly increase the odds that you will wind up dating someone who is part of that best case 1% potential match for you?  How can you slash through the 99% of people out there who won’t be a good fit (even though they might be cute or hot, or have one thing you do like, but are a poor fit for you otherwise)?  Personalized matchmaking is the answer.  It is here today … it is a tried-and-true approach that works well especially for those who need some efficiency in their lives!

How Does Personal Matchmaking Work?
So how does personalized matchmaking work, exactly?  It’s actually very easy.  You take a 3-minute quiz, and then you talk with a personal matchmaker within a day or so.  If the personal matchmaker thinks you may be a fit for one of their Premium Members, then you get matched for free.  Or you can sign up to be one of the Premium Members, and have matches arranged for you.  The process works well because you will get feedback after every date, and that way you can fine-tune and improve yourself over time.  [Even a Ferrari needs a tune-up, and so do each of us.]  You can get started very quickly and easily by clicking on the link below:

Three Day Rule – Hand-picked matches.  Zero work.  Expert advice

You are far more likely to wind up in a wonderful, long-term relationship by using this personalized matchmaking approach.  And the absolute best way to do it is to become a Premium Member – but definitely give the free membership a try first, and see what you think. Stop complaining about online dating – take control of your dating life right now, and get the party started, YES!!!

Three Day Rule - Hand-picked matches. Zero work. Expert Advice

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Three Day Rule - Hand-picked matches. Zero work. Expert Advice

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