When I spoke to my friend in the late afternoon, he said the girlfriend of his other friend would pick up the mail order bride at 5:30 p.m. – and that his drinking buddies should show up at his house at 6:30 p.m. …which we did.   As I walked into my friend’s home, I noticed that the mail order bride was still there – all dressed up for a night out on the town.  I asked my friend – what was going on … and he said that the girl who will be taking his wife out was running late.   Okay – it was what it was … so me and the other male friend who showed up to drink beer proceeded to do so.   We hung out in my friend’s kitchen and worked our way through a 12-pack of Coronas® … while roughly another hour passed … and still no woman showed up to pickup my friend’s mail order wife.    The ride was a full two hours late – when my friend then instructed his mail order wife to call the woman on her cell, and tell her to “just forget it”.   When she did so, the woman who was supposed to come get her said she was just running really late.

Now you might think that since my friend’s mail order wife was all dressed up with no where to go – that he might have considered inviting her out to dinner with the three of us guys?  No – never crossed his mind!  [Maybe you are starting to get an idea yourself why none of our women like this guy.]   Anyway, the three of us guys proceeded with our plan of going to the local restaurant row for a burger.   Just after parking the car, and starting to walk – we went past a popular Mexican restaurant and bar … and just walking out of that restaurant was (you guessed it) the woman who was supposed to pick up the mail order bride.  She was SHOCKED to see my buddy – because it was crystal clear that she had been lying through her teeth about running late … she had been in the bar maybe two miles away for who knows how long.  My friend lit this woman up verbally – and it was not a pretty sight.  I was embarrassed at the whole situation.   [Clearly this woman did not want to be forced into entertaining the mail order bride … and had been delaying picking her up until she had enough drinks in her.]

Now my friend who yelled at this woman is not the smartest of men.  Right after telling that woman off, he called his mail order bride, and told her that he just ran into the woman … that the woman lied about being late … that she was there (just a few miles away) the entire time.   I’m positive that the mail order bride was just crushed about being so snubbed.  Had my friend taken five minutes to think about it – he could have decided NOT to mention running into the woman … and the mail order wife would have at least not felt quite as bad.   But no.

So that’s it – end of story.  Pretty sad, huh?  Every story has a moral or morals – so let me try to come up with some for the midlife bachelors of America:

  1. Don’t try to force a friendship upon anyone
  2. Don’t say bad or negative things and not expect to avoid karma coming back at you full circle
  3. If your wife or girlfriend is stood up by her friends, invite her to go with you and your buddies (even though she might say “no” … better to at least extend the invitation)
  4. Don’t tell your wife or girlfriend something that will obviously upset her for no reason.
  5. Do not piss off the wives or girlfriends of your friends
  6. What else?

I purposely avoid addressing the topic of the correctness of obtaining a mail order bride.  That is a personal decision – and was probably the only way this particular friend of mine would ever have been able to get married.  He is happy as hell right now – and for his sake I hope that he figures out a way to integrate his new wife into a happy existence here.

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