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Learn from Others and from Yourself
All of these conversational skills and attitude adjustments are part of the learning process that many midlife bachelors need to go through in order to be successful at dating.  There is no shame in thinking about any of this – or in making an effort to improve yourself.  The whole point of this section is to get you to consider (or maybe “reconsider”?) every aspect of what you look like, what you say, how you say it, how you conduct yourself, etc.   Every midlife bachelor will make his own mistakes – and that is fine.   Ideally you will recognize when you have made a mistake, and learn from it.  [Making a mistake is fine, but repeating a mistake is wrong.]   The longer you are a bachelor, and the more you try to date – the more data points you will be able to collect about yourself, and the more likely you are to overcome your unique challenges.   Just keep thinking – and be mentally prepared to make the changes necessary for you to optimize your success as a midlife bachelor.

The other thing you can do to expand the scope of your midlife bachelor learning experience is to pay close attention to what your good friends do.   I am lucky to have a number of good friends who are also midlife bachelors – so I am exposed to their methods, their challenges … and I can see what works well and what goes wrong for them.   By taking careful notice of those around you in a similar situation, you can leverage their knowledge.   Sometimes you will even learn things from your friends that your friends are not aware of.   Keep your eyes and ears open … learn from yourself and from your friends … and make the necessary physical and mental changes necessary to make yourself as attractive a person as possible.   You will benefit tremendously over the long-term, and be happier overall.

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