Everyone has been dumped at one time or another. Here is a great list of reasons to end a relationship, and which have occurred in my life at one time or another.

10) Genitals that smell funny
I dated a woman was fantastic in every possible way – except JEEZ did she ever have an odor. It seriously destroyed my enthusiasm. Poor personal hygiene is definitely a reason

to dump someone – because the problem is not likely to go away on its own … especially if it is an STD.  Encourage the person to visit a doctor when you dump them.

9) Hating your family and/or your friends

Not getting along with your family or many of your friends could be a jealousy issue. Or the person could be just plain psycho. And this assumes that your family and/or friends are not jacked up. The point is – if he or she has basic social issues with key members of your posse, then it is time for a dumping.

8) Being a complete idiot

If you honestly feel that the person you are dating is an idiot, then it is time to dump them. For example, I used to date this hot party blonde who had a 14 year old daughter … and the mom thought it was fine for her daughter to be able to make out and lie down with her 15 year old boyfriend in her room … she condoned the activity. I remember envisioning myself marrying the mom, then having to financially support the pregnant 14 year old daughter. That same party blonde mom used to tell me things like, “I’m in charge (of our relationship) because I have the posse.” [“Posse” is not the word she used.]. I dumped her for being a complete idiot.

7) Psychotic behavior

If the person you are dating does bizarre things or frequently adds too much drama to your life, then dump them. Often you will notice this right away. For example, I found myself on a first date with a really pretty girl … and when I took her to dinner at a nice restaurant, she sent her steak back three times while mine got cold. And she fussed about it with the waitress to a ridiculous level. Now I saw her steak, and it was (in my opinion) correct the first time. I never called that girl again because I could just imagine what she would have been like in bed … “no, do it this way … no that is not right … no …”. You get the idea. Better to dump her now than have to put her down later.

6) Being a lazy slug

If you notice that the person you are dating is lazy, then that is probably a personality trait – and not something likely to change. Maybe they don’t work … or maybe they won’t clean their house or apartment … or maybe they just lay around all day like a slug. If you continue to be with that person, then you are going to always have to pick up their slack – so do yourself a favor, dump that person … and then go find yourself someone motivated.

5) Not sleeping with you

Either the chemistry is not there, or they are just plain frigid. Or it could be YOU that is simply unattractive. Your date may have been a “sympathy date”. If things are not happening, then it is time to move on.

4) Jealous behavior

I’ve dated a number of women who were supremely jealous of anything or anyone that took my attention away from them. Jealousy is an ugly emotion, and breeds bad karma all around … and it usually is a behavior pattern which means it is not something that someone can simply turn on or off, it is part of their head. I’ve never had a successful long-term relationship with someone who is overly jealous, and so I believe jealousy warrants a quick dumping.

3) Drinks too much

I enjoy partying like everyone else – but if you are dating someone who gets plowed all the time, it becomes embarrassing, and is not any fun. Better to cut them loose, and let them drink to their heart’s content than have to continue to make excuses for them, and clean up after them.

2) Cheating

Cheating on you is an obvious reason to dump someone. If they cheat on you once, they are likely to do so again. Better to cut your losses, and move on.

1) Physical or mental abuse

Any kind of obvious abuse is a type of bullying behavior, and that won’t go away over time. In fact, it often gets worse.   Abuse can originate from a man or a woman – my first wife used to beat me when we were in our 20s. Of course, I eventually divorced her – and she has since been married two more times. I would bet a paycheck that she also beat her second and third husbands. Save yourself the trouble – if someone physically or mentally abuses you EVEN ONCE, then hand them their walking papers.

Do you have any other good reasons to dump someone that you would like to share? If so – please use our COMMENT feature below, or you can discuss them in our Midlife Forum.

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