Tramp Wife Calls Cops on Husband

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DEAR MIDLIFE BACHELOR: Hi – I wrote in before about my tramp wife, (Best Friend Hitting on my Tramp Wife). Anyway I solved that problem by taking your advice and talking to each one of them separately. My wife is still a tramp but at least my friend stopped hitting on her. I don’t think she is cheating on me right now but I could be wrong as I work 12-hour days six days each week. And she is still a crazy bbitch because she has not been taking her anti-depressants for months now, and that seems to make her act really nutty and yell and scream at me for no reason. She does this a lot, usually after I get home from work (12-hour+ day). All I want is some peace and quiet and to have my dinner and a beer when I get home but no. She has to start right in and bbitch and complain about something the moment I walk in the door. And sometimes she won’t let up right until the time to go to bed. Well that is exactly what she was doing one night last week – she was following me around the house and yelling at me, and poking me with her index finger saying “YOU something”,

“YOU something”, and I just couldn’t focking take it anymore so I had a pillow in my hands and I pushed her away from me with the pillow, and it bent her finger back (she was trying to poke me with it). Anyway she called 911 but thought twice about it, and hung up. They called back, and she didn’t answer. So 30 minutes later the cops show up, and they took each of us separately and ask us what happened. My wife had no marks on her so I did not go to jail. But she was yelling and screaming and acting all crazy around the cops while I was calm and cool. I think both cops knew she is a crazy bbitch. It is frustrating to have a relationship like this but I am a Christian and believe it would be wrong to divorce her, as that would break my commitment with God. What do you think? Is there anything you can suggest to help me straighten her out? I just want a calm life.

MIDLIFE BACHELOR ANSWER: Thanks for writing in again with the update. Unfortunately your update is a tough one … sort of like watching a movie of a train crashing. Sorry – I’m speaking my mind here.

I’ve never had the cops called on me, but I’ve seen it happen to several of my friends over time. And the way I’ve seen things go down is like this. First it starts off similar to what happened to you. In other words, the cops are called during an argument … and nothing happens (no one goes to jail – assuming there are no marks on either party). Then the next argument will get worse … and again, the cops will get called. If either party has marks, the other party is going to jail … with the bias usually toward the man going to jail. Each additional time the cops are called, the greater the likelihood that you will go to jail. And you definitely do not want to go to jail.

Me – personally … I’d end the relationship the next time something like this happens. It seems that your relationship with this woman is tending toward violence, and you don’t want that. Has she ever hit you previously? Have you ever hit her? My guess is that the answer is “yes” to at least one of those questions. Physical violence is extremely disrespectful, and should be a clear sign that the two of you should not be around one another – so my hope is that you stop the trend here and now by talking with her, getting her back on her meds, and by you doing whatever is necessary on your part not to enable that type of behavior by her. I can’t tell you more because you haven’t really given me enough information. I know you said you are a Christian, and you don’t believe in divorce – but that won’t help you at all if you become a defendant in court, or are in jail, or are picking up trash in a work-release program. In other words, at some point you have to consider pulling the plug on the marriage. Counseling would be a great idea for the two of you – assuming she’ll agree to it. As of now, to me it seems like things can only get worse, unless the two of you take positive and proactive steps to work things out.

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