Just for the ladies – here is a good list of different TYPES OF MEN out there in the dating world.

Men can be more than one of these “types”, and can exhibit these tendencies to varying degrees …

Types of Men – Handy
He will paint your home, fix your appliances and / or your car, etc., and love doing it. Put this guy to work while you’ve got him.

Types of Men – Parasite
He needs you to pay for your dates with him, and he may be in a hurry to move in with you. He is most likely to be Handy (see above, Types of Men –

Handy) … although not all Handy men are Parasites.

Types of Men – Sports Fanatic

He will always watch the game, no matter what. Don’t mess with his TV, or with him when the game is on!

Types of Men – Cheap

He can make a penny scream for mercy. If the two of you are ever homeless, then he will be a real asset to have around.

Types of Men – Hedonist or Self-Gratifier

He is dedicated to all pleasures the world can offer him. He can be mild or extreme. A “mild” case might enjoy a good cigar, or maybe a $100 bottle of wine. A “severe” case might enjoy hookers and cocaine.

Types of Men – Big Fish

He runs a major business or corporation or similar, and has enormous financial resources at his disposal. Could have Hedonist tendencies.

Types of Men – Cheater

He will cheat on you, no matter what. May or may not be a Big Fish. Definitely a Hedonist. Try not to take his cheating personally … he cheats on everyone. He lies to you all the time – whether you realize it, or not.

Types of Men – Dictator

He runs the show, period … at work, at home, and in a relationship. It is “his way or the highway” all the time.

Types of Men – Bully

A “Bully” is a “Dictator” with a very bad temper. He will yell or threaten, and/or go into a fit of rage. He has a lot of testosterone, and likes to physically fight. This could be a male equivalent of our Types of Women – Psycho.

Types of Men – Mama’s Boy

He will agree with everything you say, and do whatever you want at all times. He is a pleaser, and must always have a woman in his life. He may still live at home.

Types of Men – Sensitive

He wants to talk about his feelings and your feelings, too … all the time. The rest of us men find this guy incredibly annoying – so don’t bring him around us.

Types of Men – Emotionally Disconnected

He does not talk when he is upset, nor does he say “I love you” when he probably does. He keeps it all to himself. When he dumps you, you may never know why.

Types of Men – Slob

He allows everything (including his own body) to run down. He has no clue that his house smells funny, and the litter box needs to be emptied. You will find dirty dishes in his kitchen sink.

Types of Men – Underachiever

He has a college degree but works at a low-paying job. You will probably wind up having to support him financially at some point.

Types of Men – Overachiever

To him, it is all about getting everything he can. He is very work-focused, and has no time for anything else … especially not for you.

Types of Men – Stalker

He is constantly concerned with where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, and what you are thinking. He will track you without your knowledge. If you find yourself dating a stalker, then you should end the relationship immediately, and possibly seek a restraining order. This is the male equivalent to our Types of Women – Stalker.

Types of Men – Negative

He believes that nothing or no one is any good. The world is against him (and you will be, too, at some point – or so he believes). Everything he loves goes away. Check his medicine cabinet.

Types of Men – Addict

He enjoys his poison … whether it is alcohol, drugs, or whatever.  It is all about the chemicals. If you want to keep him, then try not to interrupt his buzz.

Types of Men – Mentally Ill

Something is wrong with this guy, and you just are not sure what it is at first. He has biochemical problems in his brain, and is on disability or social security. Could also be an Addict.  Best to stay away from this guy.

Types of Men – Arrogant

He is better than everyone, looks down upon the world, and looks down upon you … for whatever reason. This is unlikely to change.

Types of Men – Perfect

He is well-balanced, emotionally- and financially-sound, respectful, and a family-oriented guy. Good luck finding one of these – he may not exist.

Types of Men – Jackpot

Whichever qualities are most important to you – he has them all, and more. He is probably rich, too. This is the male equivalent of our Types of Women – Jackpot.

This Types of Men list is the counter-list to our 14 Types of Women … which can be found under the Midlife Dating Advice tab … in the section called Fundamental Truths about Women and Midlife Dating Today.  Thanks to several individuals in our Midlife Forum (especially Ms. A OK) who kickstarted this with a thread called Types of Men. You can certainly comment on this list or add to it below using our ADD COMMENT feature.

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