Woman of the Month – April 2013 Mayte Carranco

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Mayte Carranco, weather reporter for Mexico’s MTY Television, has been selected as the midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for April 2013!

Most of the photos I found of Mayte Carranco online are very racy – too racy for me to publish here.  So if you want to see a lot more of Mayte Carranco, then google is your friend!  I have to say – Mayte Carranco is without question the hottest Latina I have ever seen.  I would do anything she says – I’d write bad checks, … beg, borrow, or steal … whatever she would tell me to do.  ha ha

Now I’ve never personally witnessed Mayte Carranco in action on live television – she was actually submitted by a member of the midlifebachelor.com audience who is in the military.  I have been able to find a number of photos and also youtube videos of her in action – but biographical information on her is pretty inconsistent, and so I won’t state anything here because everything seems unverified.  Most of what I found says that she is only 4’10” tall – and that’s a great size for her to be!  The only other item I found consistent is the she is from Monterrey, Mexico.

So that’s it – the entire biographical profile we have on her.  If you know additional information on her – like how old she is, whether she has a boyfriend, what her favorite things to do are – please use the COMMENT section at the bottom to tell us what you know, and how you know it.

Even if you do not speak Spanish, check out Ms. Mayte Carranco in action.  THIS is the way weather should be reported here in the USA …

Typically at this point, we attempt to analyze our Woman of the Month pick in terms of the Midlifebachelor.com 14 Types of Women. Which type or types do you suppose Mayte Carranco might be?  Well, she is certainly a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot) since she is a high income earner.  If you know Mayte Carranco personally and/or would to share something about her – please add a COMMENT to the comment section at the bottom of this page!

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