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Midlifebachelor.com has selected Liz Habib of KTTV Fox11LA news as our Woman of the Month for June 2008.  I usually see Liz Habib as the sports anchor on the ten o’clock news here in the Los Angeles area – and I have to say that she does a fantastic job … especially when you consider that most sports reporters that I’m used to watching are men in suits (like Jim Hill on CBS2).

You have to see Liz Habib in action in order to appreciate her.  She is very animated and lively – she obviously has an extreme passion for sports reporting because she always sounds so excited about whatever it is she is talking about … whether it is Kobe Bryant’s latest moves, or even a high school football game.   I’d almost say that Liz Habib is the Jack Russell terrier of sports reporting … but that conjures up the wrong image … but I think you know what I mean … she is just incredibly excited about reporting on sports … and that makes her outstanding to watch.  I bet she is fun to party with, too – I mean she just seems like she would be fun to go drinking with.   Perhaps Mark Thompson of Fox11LA will confirm this … ???

In terms of biographical information on Liz Habib, there is precious little that I was able to come up with.  I know that prior to coming to KTTV Fox11LA, she was a news anchor at KTVK-TV in Phoenix, AZ … and that she has worked in broadcasting since 1988.  I don’t know how old Liz Habib is – but if she started in broadcasting in 1988, then it is likely she graduated from college that same year … which would make her roughly 41 years old.  Liz doesn’t look forty-one … she looks more like early to mid 30s … so perhaps some of my data is wrong.  We do know that Liz Habib came from a large family – that she is one of eight children.  We also know that Liz has a small dog named, “Max” – and that she loves traveling, spending time with friends, and running.

Is Liz Habib married?  It does not appear so.  If you have watched Liz Habib, as I have, since she arrived at KTTV Fox11LA, then you may have noticed that she went by the name “Liz Warren” for a while.  We suspect that “Warren” was a married name because all of her earlier historical references on the web refer to her as “Liz Habib”.  Anyway – if Liz Habib was married to someone with the last name of “Warren” and if that marriage was short, then that is no big deal.  Happens to everyone out here.   Hell – my own first marriage lasted less than two years!  That’s life in sunny Southern California – wooohooo!

If you would like to watch Liz Habib in action for yourself, I could only find one youtube video of her … it is a seven minute long collection of Liz reporting on various things.  The audio does not quite line up with the video though (especially the first several minutes of the clip) – kind of reminds me of those old Japanese Gozilla movies I used to watch when I was a kid.  Behold Liz Habib reporting – she is outstanding, and we at midlifebachelor.com salute her.

Often at this point, we at midlifebachelor.com attempt to analyze the Woman of the Month and guess which of our 14 Types of Women she might be.  We don’t know Liz Habib personally, but we can guess that she is definitely a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot).    Try taking a look at the various other 14 Types of Women we have identified, and try to figure out which Liz might be … ???

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