WOMAN OF THE MONTH – MARCH 2014 Cindy Burbano

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Cindy Burbano, Channel 47 Telemundo Houston,TX reporter and host of Breves TV, has been selected as the midlifebachelor.com Woman of the Month for March 2014!

I’ve heard most recently that Cindy Burbano is now off the air – which is a tragedy.  I saw a report that she was let go, and is now enjoying some much-needed vacation time before looking for a new position.  I say, bring her to Southern California – where we love Latina newscasters just like her!

Up until recently, Cindy Burbano was the host of Breves TV in the morning on Channel 47 Telemundo in Houston, TX.  She also anchored the morning news for Channel 47, and was an assignment reporter for the 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. editions.  She also was the Texas correspondent for the national television programs, Un Nuevo Dia and for Al Rojo Vivo on Telemundo.

We don’t know if Cindy is married or single, or where she is living currently.  Looks like she has a wedding ring on in some of the videos I’ve seen of her – but that may or may not mean she is married currently.  If Cindy Burbano reads this, maybe she can send us an email at info at midlifebachelor dot com, and fill us in on more details about her that she wants her fans to know about?  If she does, then I can certainly update this page.

Here are several videos of Cindy Burbano in action.  I love the way she speaks Spanish – I could listen to her all day, even if she was yelling at me.  I just love her voice … ha ha

Typically at this point, we attempt to analyze our Woman of the Month pick in terms of the Midlifebachelor.com 14 Types of Women.  Which type or types do you suppose Cindy Burbano might be?  Well, she is certainly a Jackpot (see Types of Women – Jackpot) since she is a high income earner.  If you know Cindy Burbano personally and/or would to share something about her – please add a COMMENT to the comment section at the bottom of this page!

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