Fundamental Truth #6: Women are CRAZY – EXAMPLE: She is Obsessed with the Way She Looks

Crazy Woman Example – She is Obsessed with the Way She Looks
I suppose that a woman’s vanity can be a double-edged sword.  On one hand, if she obsesses over every detail of how she looks, then she’ll probably look great – or at least better than she otherwise would.  The flip side is that if she goes too far, then that vanity might just bleed you dry financially – as you attempt to pay for each successive treatment, cosmetic surgery or procedure, etc.  Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE good-looking women … oh yes, I do.  But I do think that some of them are crazy for spending the amount of time and money they do to keep themselves looking perfect.  Granted – it might be worse here where I live in Southern California than in other parts of the country.  I remember going to a local event called “A Taste of Newport Beach” a few years ago – and everywhere I looked, there were young women with fake yet wonderful boobs.  I remember thinking what a wonderful world it is here in Silicone Valley – truly a grown man’s Disneyland!  My point here is that vanity is fine – but just like with coffee or alcohol, it is best taken in moderation.

Women who are overly-obsessed with their appearance can have issues other than just how to pay for it all. Sometimes women who are extremely vain actually have low self-esteem, and vanity becomes their coping mechanism.  I have known women who were extremely good-looking – but they always thought they had some tragic physical flaw that everyone else was noticing, and that they were overly sensitive about.  I learned a hard lesson years ago when my buddy’s really good-looking girlfriend was unsuccessfully trying to push herself onto a beached boat that I was loading with beer at the Colorado River.  At the time, I was a big joker – and was known for saying off-color things in sort of a quick-draw manner.  I looked at her trying and failing to push herself up onto the boat, and I said to her, “Oh – a little bottom-heavy, eh?”  Holy smoke was that ever the wrong thing to say.  My little joke exploded like a nuclear weapon … she made my, my buddy’s, and everyone’s weekend HELL after that one comment.  And this was all because it turned out that even though this woman was extremely good-looking, and had a perfect ass … she had a self-esteem issue, and was very sensitive about what she thought was her oversized ass.  Nothing could be further from the truth – but this didn’t matter.  [Midlife Bachelor Lesson – never make fun of the size of woman’s ass, no matter what!]

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