Midlife Forum 2.0 is making a Difference …

This is your once-a-month midlifebachelor.com and Midlife Forum update …

Midlife Forum 2.0 is making a Difference …
Midlifebachelor.com traffic is growing at over 70% year-over-year … so we ARE making a difference out there, thanks to you!  The Midlife Forum is now 561 members strong, and growing. Many of our newer members actively participate – so come see what the buzz is all about!  Remember to share your thoughts and experiences because that is exactly what makes our Midlife Community stronger and relevant!

Top Midlifebachelor.com Site Additions for August 2012:
1) NEW ASK MIDLIFE BACHELOR Q&A:  36 Year Old Hottie Has No Luck Online Dating
2) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR WOMAN OF THE MONTH:  Katie Holmes – almost ex-wife of Tom Cruise

The Midlife Forum is what YOU make it – so don’t be shy about participating.

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P.S.  Here is what’s new on our www.midlifebachelor.com website …
1) NEW ASK MIDLIFE BACHELOR Q&A:  36 Year Old Hottie Has No Luck Online Dating
2) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR WOMAN OF THE MONTH:  Katie Holmes – almost ex-wife of Tom Cruise

3) NEW MIDLIFE BACHELOR NEWS ITEMS on the MidlifeBachelor.com NEWS page, including …
• Tips to Boost a Fading Libido
• 11 Things that can Deflate Your Erection
• Male Menopause – Myth or Reality?

4) How to Write a MAGNETIC Online Dating Profile that Triggers Hot Females – see the ad on left side of our article, How to Write an Online Dating Profile
5) MIDLIFE ARTICLE:   Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?
7) NEW MIDLIFEGALS VIDEO:  Midlife Gal’s Have Successfully Moved to Hawaii – Check Out their Awesome View
8) NEW PARTYGIRLPLUSONE VIDEO: Booty Call from the Gym
9) MIDLIFE ARTICLE:   Is It Safe to Buy Viagra Online? Do’s and Don’ts …

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