Single Again During Your Midlife

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Being single again at midlife can represent a huge challenge for many of us. Fortunately we are not alone – no. Others like us have walked in our shoes, and know what it is like to be single at midlife. One key mission of is to expose the various challenges that bachelorhood in midlife brings – and to help our midlife brothers prepare for it, and deal with it all. Knowledge and planning are your best ammunition for success. Regardless of your past, midlife bachelorhood represents a great opportunity for personal growth.

Reading the five sections below will teach you to open your eyes,

and truly see everything … and adapt yourself to the changing midlife dating landscape, including the possibility of joining an online dating site.  Midlife bachelorhood is a journey … an adventure … it is filled with all sorts of new experiences (some good, some frustrating). Don’t be afraid to move forward with your life.  We (your fellow midlife brothers) are here to help.
  1. Challenges of Being Single Again at Midlife
    This is a good short overview and introduction to the other four sections concerning the challenges of being single at midlife. We also introduce the idea of the midlife crisis PLUS we talk a little about some of the health challenges that can occur as our bodies start to age.
  2. Fundamental Truths about Women & Midlife Dating Today
    If you want to know what the midlife dating landscape is all about, then this is the section to read. Avoid early mistakes, distractions, and possible discouragement by understanding the various behaviors out in today’s midlife dating world. Learn about the different types of women, and how to handle them. Also learn which battles can be fought, and which are a waste of time.
  3. Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover
    Sure you are perfect just as you are – but recognize that even a Ferrari needs a tune-up periodically. This section is your guide to a personal tune-up. We focus on two common issues that midlife bachelors face 1) Personal Appearance Overhaul, and 2) Attitude Adjustment. Let’s face it, everyone can always use some fine-tuning. Use it as food for thought, if nothing else – but my bet is that you will take away something very valuable from this section.
  4. Develop a Strategy for Midlife Bachelor Success
    Without a well thought out strategy, you will basically wander aimlessly. This section shows you how to form a deliberate strategy to get yourself successfully back out into the dating world. You’ll learn how to leverage your personal strengths, and set achievable objectives and milestones for yourself. We run through the mechanical aspects of dating in today’s world so that you are sure to have a plan no matter what situation you find yourself in. Maximize your opportunities, take advantage of today’s technology, and periodically re-evaluate your strategy to make sure you are on-track with respect to your goals.
  5. Reaching Midlife Bachelor Personal Equilibrium
    The concept of midlife bachelor equilibrium revolves around being happy and comfortable with yourself and your life regardless of your specific situation.   It is all about taking on life’s changes and challenges, and turning everything into a positive and successful personal growth experience. This section explains how to continuously learn from yourself and from others so that we perpetually adapt to our changing world … and grow as individuals in the process. 
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