Here is everything every aspiring sugar baby needs to know in order to be successful, and to be considered a good sugar baby.  What I state here comes from interviews I have done with several sugar daddies, along with a handful of experienced sugar babies.  If you follow this advice, you will do well.

What is a Sugar Baby?
A sugar baby is a woman who chooses to participate in an arrangement where the man (sugar daddy) gives her an allowance in exchange for her being in a relationship with him.  Everything that happens in a normal (non-sugar) relationship also occurs in a sugar relationship. The difference is – in a sugar relationship, the man will likely expect sex on every date (except maybe the first date – keep reading to find out my suggestions for the first date, and to be safe during the process of figuring out if the sugar daddy or sugar baby is right for you).

Which Website Should I Use to Meet a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
There are a handful but the best one out there is definitely:

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For the absolute best results, you will need to sign up as a GOLD Member with Total Access (means everyone can contact you, and you can contact everyone), which runs $55/month.  You should plan to continue this membership for 2 or 3 months – as it usually takes at least two months to find the best possible sugar daddy.  [This is actually a pretty small investment on your part considering what you will get in return – during the first week of you starting your first real sugar relationship.]

What Should I Bring to a Sugar Relationship?
Here are some quick rules:

1) Always look good, be super-friendly and nice, in all circumstances – this is really important. Don’t ever be bitchy or whiney, and never complain.  Your sugar daddy will be taking care of you quite nicely from a financial perspective – and so if you don’t behave really nicely all of the time, then he will dump you and move on to someone else.  Strive to be drama-free – as that is expected from sugar babies.

2) Be clean and fresh – this means exactly what you think it means.  Odors are bad.  Keep it clean.  Don’t sleep around.  Your sugar daddy will expect the best from you, at all times.

3) Establish the ground rules up-front.  I’ll talk about the first date in a moment but what I mean by “ground rules” is – when you can generally be available to be with him … what kind of allowance you can expect … whether he will take you places versus just being at his place … how he expects you to dress … how he expects you to behave around him in public (like hold hands, etc.).  There is often a big age gap between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy – and so it might be uncomfortable for him to hold hands in public.  There are things you should discuss – once you’ve successfully gone through your first date, and decided to give things a try.  Keep reading for my first date suggestions, and how to be careful when selecting your sugar daddy.

4) Always be honest and open.  Honesty and openness should be part of your up-front ground rules – but I’m keeping as a separate quick rule here because it is really important.  You have to have honesty for a sugar relationship to work.

How Do I Meet and Qualify a Sugar Daddy?
Like I said before, the best website to use is: – Proven Best for Safe, Long-term Sugar Relationships

Again, for the absolute best results, you will need to sign up as a GOLD Member with Total Access (means everyone can contact you, and you can contact everyone), which runs $55/month.  You should plan to continue this membership for 2 or 3 months – as it usually takes at least two months to find the best possible sugar daddy.

Expect that your prospective sugar daddy will be 15 to 20 (or more) years older than you … so if you cannot deal with that, then you should maybe instead try out a non-sugar dating service for meeting rich men or women – see my other article here entitled How to Meet a Wealthy Man or Woman on Millionairematch for that.

Now just like with ANY dating website, there will be people there who do not represent good choices for being your sugar daddy.  Here are my suggestions for finding a good one:

1) FIRST DATE LOCATION – meet in a public place … ideally a restaurant, where he pays for your meal.  [If he won’t pay for your meal, then he is not for real.]

DON’T agree to sleep with him on the first date.  If he propositions you this way, then that is a huge red flag (just like with any other online dating service, right?). He should be looking for something longer-term (months, at the very least) versus 30 minutes.
DO take notice of anything about him that just doesn’t seem right.  Again, make use of your instincts just like you would on any other dating service meet-up … if something does not seem right, then it probably isn’t.
DON’T ask him how much money he makes a year but if your date seems to be going well, then DO ask what expectation you should have in terms of an allowance – and see what he says.  More about allowance in a moment.
DON’T let him know where you live – certainly not on the first date.  Use the normal safeguards you would use for any first online date meetup – just be careful. DO find out exactly who he is – get a first and last name from him, and get him to at least tell you what he does for a living.
DO your homework on him when you get home after the first date.  Google him.  Go to your local superior court website, and see if he has a criminal history.  Do a search on him.  If anything you learn about him online doesn’t match his story, or seem good or right, then don’t go any further with him.

This is always the most sensitive topic to discuss.  Everything depends on how rich or successful the guy is – and not how hot you are.  The majority of sugar daddies make between $150,000 to $250,000 per year – and can typically afford up to $2000/month.  This does not mean you should ask for $2000/month – because you never know what kind of bills the man has … he could be paying that and more to an ex-wife, plus child support, etc.  Most sugar relationships are handled on either a WEEKLY basis or pay-as-you-go basis … which means he gives you cash every time he sees you.  Now if you have a really good vibe for him BY THE END of the first date, then it is okay to open a discussion concerning the allowance.  My suggestion would be to simply ask him, “How much of an allowance will you be able to give me, if we move forward together?”  This should be the last thing you discuss with him – at the very end of the date.  NEVER start the first date with this discussion.

Assuming you’ve done all the homework on him that I suggested, and the two of you decide to move forward AND the two of you have agreed on the specifics of the allowance (how much, when you are given money, etc.) then he will expect to sleep with you on the second and subsequent dates … so be prepared for that.  Best case – you should handle the birth control aspect of the relationship … an IUD is best.  Should you ask him to wear a condom?  That is up to you.

Have fun, and be careful out there.  I’d love to hear any COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, or other words of wisdom from anyone on this subject – see the COMMENT section below.  I will personally answer all questions, to the best of my ability and knowledge.

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